Get More from Your Mower With Cub Cadet Accessories

Installing a Mulch Kit On Your Cub Cadet Riding MowerYou bought your Cub Cadet mower to mow, but did you know it can do a lot more? Cub Cadet makes a wide range of accessories better cutting performance, more usability and more utility. With the right equipment, you can turn your mower into a bagger, a seeder and even a snow blower.

Blades, Bags and Mulching

High lift blades throw grass cuttings upward into the mowing chamber for repeated cuts to make fine mulch. 2-in-1 blades have a balanced design to both mulch and bag, while 3-in-1 blades can mulch, bag and side discharge without being changed.

Mulching kits include high lift blades and a mulch plug. This plug covers up the chute opening on the deck to keep grass inside the mowing chamber. Kits for constructed decks also include baffles, sealing away parts of the deck to increase vacuum. This gives the blades more time to trim clippings down to size.

Sand blades are made with abrasion-resistant materials so they won’t wear down as fast as regular blades in areas with sandy soil. Xtreme blades have added cutting edges for slicing through thick, overgrown grass.

Bagger kits have a discharge chute, mounting brackets and bags to collect clippings. These work best with high lift blades, as the mulched clippings pack down better in the bag.

Bluetooth-Enabled Maintenance Meter

An hour meter makes it easy to keep track of maintenance. By adding Bluetooth, the meter is able to communicate with your smartphone through the Cub Connect app. Available for Android and iOS, this app lets you keep a maintenance record, watch instructional videos for basic maintenance tasks, and gives you quick access to your mower’s manuals, so you have everything you need to do repairs in your pocket. Meters are available for most recent tractors and ZTRs.


Armrests are included with several mower models, but they can be added to any model using a kit.


The Hauler is a dump bed trailer that holds 10 cubic feet of soil, fertilizer or whatever else you need to transport around your property. The dump mechanism uses an assisted foot pedal, making it easy to unload. Folding sides give you easy access for loading, or can be folded in completely for storage.

Need more space? The 12.5 cubic foot swivel/dump cart doesn’t fold, but it has the same foot-operated dump mechanism as the Hauler.

Want something simpler and easier on your wallet? The 8 cubic foot poly cart is perfect for general work, while the 12-foot steel cart can carry up to 1,000 lbs. and has a removable tailgate for easy unloading. Keep in mind that your mower’s towing limit may be lower: Cub Cadet recommends towing no more than 250 lbs. with an RZT mower.

Weather Protection

The sunshade has a simple pole frame that supports a roof and can be easily removed when it’s time to store the mower.

For winter use, Cub Cadet makes a combination sun shade/snow cab for XT lawn and garden tractors. The frame normally supports a fabric roof for summer use and has places to attach side panels and a windshield to protect the operator from cold winds.

Lawn Care

Need help with your garden? The disc cultivator breaks up clumps in plowed soil and mixes in amendments like lime and gypsum to support root growth, while the box scraper levels soil for planting or construction.

The broadcast spreader holds up to 175 lbs. of seed or granular fertilizer that is dispersed using a wheel-driven mechanism.

In the fall, leaves can be picked up using a 44 or 50 inch-wide lawn sweeper.


The snow blade attaches to the front of XT Series lawn tractors. Using a handle that is within reach of the operator, the blade can be moved 25° left or right to steer snow, while a spring return brings the blade back to center for gathering piles.

The 42-inch snow thrower uses the same three-stage system as Cub Cadet’s 3X snow blowers. The center auger breaks up large chunks of snow before heading toward the chute, clearing dense snow up to 50% faster than an equivalent two stage snow blower. This heavy-duty attachment is only compatible with XT3 lawn tractors.


The weight bracket holds suitcase weights that can be added or removed without tools. Adding weight balances the tractor when using front-mounted implements, improving traction and performance.

Tire chains help the rear wheels bite into slick surfaces, improving performance in the winter.

What Happens if an Accessory Breaks?

If your Cub Cadet accessories break, you can get everything you need for repairs at We sell OEM parts for everything Cub Cadet including accessories, and we can ship blades and mulching kits to your door whether you’re in the U.S. or Canada. Our site even has factory diagrams built in so you can see exactly what you’re ordering.

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