6 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Green All Summer Long

lawn-care-643561_960_720Summer brings an increase of hours of work every week just to keep your lawn healthy and that work can extend well into the fall.  At Cubparts.com, we have the necessary parts and knowledge to help you keep your equipment running smoothly so your yard will look like it belongs in a magazine.

1. Mowing 101

While there’s a much-needed break in the winter, it’s still a six-month effort to keep that yard green and healthy. During the warmer months, you’ll want to mow at least once a week, fertilize every other month, and irrigate three times a week when there isn’t any rain. Keeping your mower maintained requires frequent checking of engine components, blades, and oil changes.

2. To Mulch or Not to Mulch

Traditional high-lift mower blades are designed to cut the grass cleanly and then discharge it out the side chute back onto the lawn or into an attached bag. Mulching blades have additional cutting surfaces that cut the grass clippings up into even smaller bits, which speeds up their decomposition and helps recycle nutrients back into the soil. Need help picking out the right mower blades for your lawn? Write down your mower’s model number and check out our parts look up tool to browse our selection of OEM replacement parts.

3. Sharpen Those Blades

Haven’t looked underneath your mower in a few years? The blades are dull and likely chipped from small stones and branches. Dirty oil and clogged air filters are also common issues that prevent your mower from performing at its best. Lawn equipment should be serviced roughly once every 50 hours of use or approximately once per year for the average homeowner. If your blades are beyond repair, we carry a large selection of replacements that will ensure a brand new mower cut.

4. The Best Weed Control Bar None

Thanks to its warm, humid climate, summer means that weeds simply grow faster, which is why you’ll find dozens of different herbicides at your local home improvement retailer. Ditch those chemicals, and simply mow your lawn at least once a week. Every time you mow, grass sends up new shoots and can actually crowd out any weeds in your lawn.

5. Give Your Lawn a Drink!

Your lawn’s thirsty — really, really thirsty. Temperatures are climbing during the summer. Depending on your climate, this may call for frequent waterings and monitoring bare spots. A good rule of thumb is to irrigate 30 to 40 minutes per zone when it hasn’t rained in at least three days.

6. That Picture-Perfect Edge

Edging is one of the most important steps to making a beautiful lawn, but it’s also the most common step that homeowners overlook. A clean edge clearly defines your lawn and separates it from the driveway, sidewalk, and flower beds, and regular edging helps prevent grass and weeds from spreading into mulched areas. Check out our huge selection of replacement parts for edgers, blowers, and trimmers to keep your beds looking great.

Where Can I Get Parts?

It’s easy: just go to cubparts.com. We carry parts for everything Cub Cadet from classic tractor to modern lawn care equipment. Thanks to our large warehouse, most items can be shipped the same day.

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