Cub Cadet 200 Series Snowblower/Thrower Overview

Cub Cadet 200 Series is Cub Cadet’s entry-level series of snow throwers. They are suitable for clearing light to moderate snow, which is ideal for sidewalks, walkways, and narrow paths for pedestrians or cyclists.

Cub Cadet 200 Series

The 200 Series consists of the 221 HP and 221 LHP. The 200 Series snow throwers offer customers the ease and convenience of an electric start OHV engine, an easily adjustable chute, and a high-speed auger designed to quickly process light snow. The 200 Series offers users a narrow 21-inch clearing width, making it ideal for clearing snow in narrow areas, a steel-reinforced auger, a high-impact and clog-resistant chute, and a light weight. These entry-level snow throwers are ideal for homeowners or property owners who need to clear small walkways, driveways, and pathways around the property.

The Cub Cadet 200 Series of snow throwers includes two different models.

Cub Cadet 221 HP
The Cub Cadet 221 HP is the most basic snow thrower offered by Cub Cadet. It offers a manually adjustable chute, a gull wing handle, and manual pitch control. A functional 179 cubic centimeter Cub Cadet 4-stroke OHV motor powers the 221 HP. Its light weight makes it handy and easily portable. At only 88 pounds, users can easily deploy and store the unit, or even pick it up and move it around various obstructions.

The 221 HP is valuable for home users who just need to clear sidewalks in the daylight and keep a few pathways clear.

Optional accessories include a cover to protect the machine during storage and a floor mat to protect the floor during storage.

Cub Cadet 221 LHP
The Cub Cadet 221 LHP offers several improvements over the base 221 HP.

The 221 LHP offers users a 208 cubic centimeter engine, which is larger than the 221 HP’s motor. This helps the machine handle tougher sleet and ice. The 221 LHP also offers customers the convenience of a headlight, which makes it ideal for users who intend to use it during low-light conditions. A remotely adjustable chute system permits the operator to change in which the machine throws the snow without ever leaving his or her controls. Adjustable gull wing handlebars ensure that the users remain comfortable when operating the machine. Controls for the adjustable pitch permit the operator to change the distance that the machine throws the snow.

These features combine to make the 221 LHP more ergonomic and user-friendly than the 221 HP. For light-duty users who intend on using the snow thrower in dark conditions, users who frequently must adjust the angle of the chute, and users who regularly encounter slushy conditions, this snow thrower is ideal. The convenience of the remotely adjustable chute and pitch makes this snow thrower an attractive option for any property owner interested in light-duty snow displacement.

These benefits come without a substantial weight penalty. At only 93 pounds, the 221 LHP is still light enough for users to carry the machine from one location to another without exerting themselves. Placing the machine into a vehicle is also simple.

Customers may also purchase a cover and a floor mat to help protect the machine and the ground during storage.

OEM Parts

By using Cub Cadet OEM parts made to factory specifications, owners ensure that the machine will have a long service life.

With complicated machinery, it can be difficult to determine what part number goes with what part of the machine. Customers can use the online parts diagram lookup tool at to ensure that they are getting the exact part that they need.

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