Cub Cadet 2X Snowblowers

Cub Cadet 2X Snowblowers

Need a snowblower that can cover a wide area but is still reasonably sized and easy enough to use for large residential driveways and small parking lots? Cub Cadet’s 2X dual stage snowblowers have a separate auger that helps throw snow long distances, and they’re designed with the company’s usual attention to detail when it comes to operation, making them extremely easy to use.


The auger gearbox is front and center, connecting both the main auger and chute auger to the engine, requiring just one belt to operate the entire snow clearing system. To withstand impacts from snow, ice and debris, it’s built into a cast aluminum case.

The main auger is big enough to handle up to 12 inches of snowfall. As snow is cut, it’s pushed up to a second 12-inch auger that hurls material through the chute. This chute has 200 degrees of rotation and 50 degrees of pitch and can be controlled using a remote overhead crank within easy reach of the handle. If there’s a jam, the clog can be removed using a tool that clips onto the auger housing.

The auger housing rides on a pair of Cool Blue skid shoes. These use a material that’s non-marking, rustproof and extremely slick, making it easy to move the snowblower over pavement, even if it’s dry.

Drive System

The 2X rides on a pair of 16-inch tires with Carlisle’s new X-TRAC tread. It uses thick, hollow lugs to grip slick surfaces without causing surface damage. The wheels are driven by a transmission with 6 forward speeds and two reverse gears, letting you get the blower moving at the highest speed it can handle without bogging down. One hand power steering control engages the drive system while keeping the other hand free to make running adjustments to the chute position and throttle.


This line of snowblowers uses Cub Cadet’s own engines. Unlike the units found in lawnmowers, these motors have a manual choke and priming bulbs to help with starts in extreme cold. A 110v electric starter motor comes standard: just plug the control box into an outlet and push the button, and the engine should fire up immediately.

One Design in Three Widths

The 2X is available in three auger widths paired with an engine sized to provide consistent performance:

2X 24” — 208 cc engine

2X 26” — 243 cc engine

2X 28” — 277 cc engine

Both the 26” and 28” have dual LED work lights mounted on the handle, while the 24” has a single LED work light.


Cub Cadet offers a range of equipment to modify your 2X to best fit your needs:

Need more visibility than the work lights provide? Cub Cadet offers an LED light bar fits over auger housing for more light directly over the snow.

The snow thrower cab clips over the handles and provides a clear shell over the operator for protection from wind and drifting snow. Working in extreme cold? A set of heated grips can be fitted over the handles.

Need to deal with tall snow drifts left on your driveway by snowplows? The drift cutter kit can shave off parts of tall drifts so you can take them out bit by bit, staying within the maximum capacity of the auger.

When it’s time to store your snowblower, pick up an OEM cover. Not only does it provide a perfect fit, it’s made from a breathable fabric to prevent condensation that can lead to rust.


Cub Cadet guarantees the snowblower and engine for three years of residential use and one year of commercial use. The auger gearbox has a separate guarantee for 5 years no matter how the snowblower is used.

Getting Parts for Cub Cadet Snowblowers has everything you need for your 2X from wear items like skid shoes and belts to major components. Our site can show you factory parts diagrams for your model, making it easy to find exactly what you need, and we can ship your order to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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