Cub Cadet and Advanced Turf Technology: Coming to a Sports Arena Near You

unit--infinicut--shadowed--posterized-compressedCub Cadet made their name by building top quality mowers and equipment for residential users, and in recent years they’ve extended their reach into professional landscaping. With the recent purchase of Advanced Turf Technology, they’re expanding into the sports turf market. If past mergers are anything to go by, we should see some amazing equipment coming out of this venture.

How Well Do These Partnerships Work? Just Ask Golf Landscapers.

To see what we can expect from this new acquisition, we just need to look at the company’s purchase of Precise Path Robotics. PPR had developed a self-driving mower for golf courses that uses a navigation system that’s more precise than GPS and can track every motion so it won’t mow the same way twice. When Cub Cadet took over the company, they upgraded the deck with their own technology for a greatly improved finish. The result is the RG3, a mower that is so effective at improving turf performance, reducing manpower requirements and stopping grounds creep that most operators have been able to upgrade their course’s classification without increasing their budget.

Advanced Turf Technology: Meeting the Demands of Professional Sports

When the greatest athletes in the world are playing on your grounds with huge numbers of spectators watching, you want everything to look and perform perfectly. Taking care of this turf is a careful balancing act between durability, performance and appearance, pushing grass maintenance well beyond simple cutting, seeding and weeding. UK-based ATT’s advanced turf mowers are built for each step in this carefully managed process. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, wining over landscapers at premier golf, tennis and cricket clubs.

Cub Cadet purchased the company in January and is just starting to integrate Advanced Turf Technology’s equipment into their lineup. In the future, you can expect to see improvements to these turf tools, and there will likely be a turf mower built around the TMSystem cassettes. Add in Cub Cadet’s creep-stopping TruEdge system, and these mowers could deliver a new level of perfection.

TMSystem Smart Cassettes

Central to ATT’s turf performance is their unique reel cassette system. The cassettes mount onto a universal carrier using a set of four bolts, making it easy to switch between jobs. Once attached, the roller height can be adjusted in the field using two knobs.

ATT makes nine interchangeable roller cassettes that aerate, brush, dethatch, groom, level, scarify and top dress the grass and soil. With these tools, the turf can be set up for everything from withstanding the quick movements of tennis and football players to ensuring fast ball speeds on golf greens. From grooming the surface to prevent visible footsteps to using static to work sand into the soil, the system offers an unparalleled level of control over the grass and the soil and thatch beneath it.

The Cub Cadet Infinicut

The first product of this partnership is the Infinicut reel mower. This walk behind unit has a removable power system that allows the operator to switch between a Honda GX120 gas engine and battery pack to power the electric traction and reel motors.

The reel mounts to a dynamic floating head that maintains even weight distribution regardless of the turf angle, while the collection bucket is frame-mounted to keep the weight over the reel from fluctuating. Clip rate and mower speed can be adjusted independently to get the perfect finish.

Support for Cub Cadet Equipment

If you use anything with a Cub Cadet logo on it from the smallest string trimmer to the most complex professional equipment, you can get parts for it at Our site shows you factory parts diagrams and descriptions so you can easily identify what you need, and we can ship your order to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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