Cub Cadet LTX1045 Maintenance Guide – Part 1 of 2

Cub Cadet LTX 1045The best way to extend the life of a Cub Cadet LTX1045 riding mower is to make sure that regular maintenance is undertaken all throughout the spring and summer months. This maintenance will ensure that the engine and other moving parts are properly lubricated, and it will ensure that items like the battery, spark plug, and air filter, remain safe from damage and always operate at peak efficiency. For those new to Cub Cadet mowers, the items below explain what to check, when to check it, and how each maintenance routine can benefit mower longevity.

Maintenance Demands Excellent Safety Procedures Every Time

Proper safety procedures should be followed consistently by mower owners in order to prevent equipment damage, personal injury, and injury to those who might be nearby during or immediately after maintenance work. For this reason, mowers should only be worked on when the engine is cold or warm, not when the engine is hot or the mower has been recently use for extensive landscaping work.

All maintenance should be performed in an open area, rather than in an enclosed space. A flat, paved surface is preferable to an uneven, absorbent one. Use extreme caution when handling gasoline or working with the fuel tank, as an unexpected spark could cause significant personal injury and major damage to the engine and the mower’s moving parts.

Always Check the Cub Cadet Maintenance Schedule Before Getting Started

The key to a long-lasting mower is to perform regular maintenance when it’s recommended by Cub Cadet. The company has produced a maintenance schedule for its customers that should be followed precisely throughout the warmest months of the year when the mower is in regular use. This includes detailed information about the frequency of an oil change, an air filter check, a spark plug replacement, and numerous other concerns that will keep efficiency high and repair costs low.

Check this maintenance schedule before the mowing season and keep a copy handy so that maintenance work can be done on time. The guidelines below will give more insight into each regular maintenance task and its ideal timing.

Oil and Oil Filter Changes

The oil level in the engine should be checked before each use of the mower, largely to make sure that sufficient oil is available to prevent the Cub Cadet from overheating. The company recommends that a full oil change be performed after every 50 hours of active use. When the oil change takes place, Cub Cadet also recommends a replacement of the included oil filter with an OEM model sold by the company.

Oil changes should generally always use 10W30 oil for optimal efficiency and engine protection. Some exemptions exist, especially in cold weather conditions. When considering an alternative oil, always check the operator’s guide beforehand to make sure it’s approved for use with the Cub Cadet mower.

The Air Filter and Spark Plug

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the air filter and spark plug, as any damage or buildup around these two parts can affect engine efficiency and lead to problems starting the mower and keeping it running. With that said, these maintenance concerns are not addressed directly by Cub Cadet. Instead, equipment owners will need to consult the owner’s manual for their specific engine make and model as bundled with the equipment at the time of purchase.

Intervals for spark plug and air filter replacements vary between engines, and the process for replacing each part varies between manufacturers and engine models. By consulting the engine’s own support materials, it will be easier to ensure the right part and procedure is applied at the right time throughout the year.

The Battery

Battery terminals should be cleaned after every 10 hours of use to ensure clean connections and easier starting of the engine. If anything goes wrong with the battery, and it needs to be replaced, equipment owners should always pursue an OEM replacement from Cub Cadet instead of generic models.

Cleaning the Equipment

The Cub Cadet LTX1045 comes with a Smart Jet system that can essentially power wash the mower deck and keep it free of clippings and debris. This system should be used and engaged after every mowing task so that blades are kept in optimal condition and the mower deck itself does not wear down or begin to corrode. The rest of the equipment should be cleaned at regular intervals with a soft, damp cloth, in order to prevent corrosion or dust buildup.

Proper Lubrication

After every 235 hours of active mower use, Cub Cadet recommends that equipment owners lubricate the mower’s front wheels, deck wheels, pivot points and linkage. A light, multi-purpose grease is recommended for this process.

Buying Cub Cadet LTX1045 Mower Parts: Where to Look has a great array of both mower and engine parts for today’s Cub Cadet equipment owners. Best of all, the site has a parts lookup tool that makes it easy to narrow down available parts by engine type, equipment model number, and broader equipment type.

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