Cub Cadet OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

Genuine Cub Cadet Factory PartsCub Cadet OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

In the pursuit of a great deal on replacement parts, as well as a great value for money spent, many consumers find themselves locked in a battle that is all too familiar: Is it a good idea to spend a little extra for OEM parts, or should lower-cost aftermarket parts be purchased instead? This question characterizes nearly every industry, right down to the choice between brand-name and generic products in the typical supermarket.
In terms of power equipment, though, there is a clear winner when it comes to making a decision between OEM replacement parts and the aftermarket alternatives that have flooded the marketplace in recent years. Before making that choice, though, it’s a good idea to understand each option a little better.

What are OEM Replacement Parts, Anyway?

Much is made of OEM replacement parts for Cub Cadet mowers and other power equipment, and for good reason. The OEM acronym stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” and it means that all of these replacement parts have been produced by the same company that made the original equipment itself. Essentially, this means that OEM parts are basically the exact same parts that were included with a Cub Cadet mower, snowblower, or other product, at the time of purchase.

How Do Aftermarket Parts Differ from OEM Options?

As with any brand name, there are plenty of companies competing for market share who create virtually the same product and sell it for a slightly lower price. Their goal is to cater specifically to the consumer who shops primarily based on price, and does not know that OEM parts are typically available for Cub Cadet power equipment for just a small added cost.

These parts are not made by the original manufacturers, and they’re often not made with the exact same processes and specifications that the original manufacturer uses. This results in parts that are functionally similar, with a nearly identical appearance. Unfortunately, however, most aftermarket Cub Cadet replacement parts suffer from a few differences that might not benefit consumers very well at all.

Key Differences Between OEM Replacement Parts and Aftermarket Alternatives

The primary benefit of aftermarket parts is that they can be sold at a competitive price when compared to OEM options offered by Cub Cadet itself. This often is a good thing for consumers, at least initially, until they learn the quirks that characterize aftermarket options. These parts can essentially be considered both off-brand generics and unofficial replicas of Cub Cadet parts, and that can lead to bad news for equipment.

Aftermarket parts, as noted earlier, are “virtually” the same as those made by Cub Cadet in its own factories. Because they are not identical, they suffer from minor compatibility problems that can cause the equipment to perform at a lower level. These parts are often not subject to the same quality assurance testing, either, which means they may not be as durable or dependable as the parts made by Cub Cadet. As most consumers know, it’s not possible to save money by purchasing aftermarket parts if they simply need to be purchased with greater frequency.

Any warranties or customer support options that would typically apply to Cub Cadet parts often do not apply to their aftermarket competition. Instead, consumers are generally on their own after they purchase aftermarket parts for their Cub Cadet power equipment. That’s not a really good feeling, especially because these parts are not as proven or reliable as OEM competitors.

Choose OEM Replacements Next Time

Next time a Cub Cadet power equipment model needs a little maintenance or general repair, be sure to purchase an OEM replacement part that will stand the test of time and deliver a superior value to aftermarket parts made by unofficial manufacturers. From belts and spindles to blades and pulleys, all of the most common replacements can be done with official parts made in Cub Cadet’s own facilities across the country.

Best of all, the use of OEM Cub Cadet parts will ensure that any maintenance or repairs will be done with lesser frequency, freeing up time and money to enjoy other pursuits or simply get the job done more quickly. It’s a commitment to greater productivity and peace of mind that simply cannot be found when purchasing generic, off-brand parts that come with few guarantees, a greater likelihood of needing repair in the future, and a greater amount of maintenance during the duration of their installation in the equipment.

Choose for OEM Cub Cadet Parts

Since its founding, has been supplying OEM Cub Cadet parts to consumers who know that there is a significantly different value proposition between OEM parts and aftermarket alternatives. Because the company has a great deal of experience in the industry, customers can rest assured that they’ll find all of the most commonly replaced Cub Cadet parts for any kind of equipment that they’ve purchased.

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