Cub Cadet SC 500 Z Lawnmower

Cub Cadet 500HWThe Cub Cadet Signature Cut is more than just a mower series. In fact, the signature cut of a Cub Cadet mower is known to be more consistent and precise than mowers from many competing brands. This is due primarily to the unique design and innovative features paired with Cub Cadet mowers, ranging from high rear wheels to caster wheel design and a unique deck system.

The SC 500 Z push mower features caster wheels that allow for easier maneuverability in the lawn, and comes with several other key features that allow it to cut the turf more consistently no matter what type of terrain it’s handling. The mower’s low-profile design, small footprint, and powerful engine, all combine to make this a great fit for novice mower owners and advanced landscapers alike.

A Look at the Key Features of the SC 500 Z Mower

The Cub Cadet SC 500 Z is designed slightly differently from a few other models in the Signature Cut series. Where those models feature static front wheels, the SC 500 Z is designed with front caster wheels. This allows it to offer zero-turn operation, much like a riding mower would offer with similar features. As a result, the mower can more easily handle obstructions throughout the lawn, including everything from tree trunks and landscaping walls to flower beds and hedge rows. The caster wheels can even be locked during operation, which allows the mower to drive forward in a very precise straight line. This commitment to flexibility is part of what makes the Signature Cut series of mowers so appealing to many homeowners.

In addition to its added maneuverability around the lawn, the SC 500 Z also comes with a self-propelled drive system. Known as the MySpeed Premium Drive Control System, this feature will make it easier and less fatiguing to get the job done even when tackling very large outdoor areas. The unique adjustability of this system means that operators can choose a speed that most accommodates their unique preferences. The self-propelled drive system is paired with SureStart, which makes ignition easier when starting a cold engine. Just one or two pulls of the starter grip will get the SC 500 Z up and running.

The Signature Cut series is named for the professional-grade cut that this mower provides, thanks to a low-profile front deck that stands clippings tall before they reach the steel blades. This allows for a uniform cut, both in terms of grass length and its color after the mower passes over. For homeowners who want to provide a professional cut without the expense of hiring professional landscapers, the unique deck features of this model will get the job done affordably and quickly. Homeowners can even choose how they wish to discharge clippings, thanks to a 3-in-1 adjustable discharge system. Using either a side discharge vent, a mulching plug, or a grass bag, homeowners can choose the best way to process clippings in order to nourish the lawn, keep it looking its best, and align with their own aesthetic preferences.

Mower Specs: How the SC 500 Z Measures Up

As with virtually all Cub Cadet mowers, the SC 500 Z features an engine that was manufactured and fine-tuned by the professionals at Cub Cadet. The equipment features a 159cc Cub Cadet OHV engine that is virtually standard across the entire Signature Cut series lineup Powerful features within the engine allow it to control the drive system, power the blades, and conform to the SureStart ignition system simultaneously. The drive system itself uses rear-wheel drive for added precision around the home.

The cutting deck contains a 21-inch steel blade that provides a surprisingly wide cut for a push mower. This blade, combined with the front Signature Cut attachment, produces consistent cut and color that can be adjusted to one of six heights. At its highest point, the deck can trim the grass to 3.75 inches. For homeowners who prefer a shorter cut, the deck can be adjusted downward to a minimum turf height of just 1.25 inches. Equipment buyers will find the discharge vent, mulch plug, and grass bag included with the equipment, and they can choose to install the option that they prefer.

Cub Cadet’s SC 500 Z mower is compact and lightweight, designed for easy storage around a typical home. Weighing just 95 pounds, homeowners will find that this model is easy to operate, even easier to store, and makes for easier seasonal maintenance due to its lighter materials and design.

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The Cub Cadet Signature Cut series of mowers provides homeowners with a professional cut while saving them the expense of a professional landscaper. Its numerous features make it highly precise, very agile and easily maneuverable, with easy ignition and convenient self-propulsion. For a full lineup of Cub Cadet SC mowers and the OEM replacement parts needed to keep them in great condition, be sure to visit

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