Cub Cadet Snowthrower Safety Tips

While snowblowers represent one of the most convenient ways to deal with large snowstorms throughout the winter season, they can also represent a significant safety hazard that can put the operator, bystanders, and even vehicles, directly into harm’s way. Snowblowers, while convenient, specialize in taking things in, processing them, and spitting them out at a high rate of speed. When something other than snow passes through the intake chute, personal injury can result. Furthermore, failing to follow basic safety guidelines can result in injury from moving parts, the engine, and the intake chute, before, during, and after operation.

Before getting started on a snow clearing job, be sure to consider the safety guidelines below. From operation to safety precautions, these tips will keep all operators and bystanders safe from start to finish.

Avoid the Possibility of Injury or Damage from Projectiles

As any homeowner knows, snowblowers excel at taking snow in through the front intake cute and spitting it out near the side of the equipment. That’s great for snowfall, but it isn’t a particularly great setup when the snowblower comes into contact with something other than the latest accumulation.

Always be sure that the snowblower is being used on a common walkway or driveway where things like athletic equipment, debris from trees and bushes, and other items, are not likely to be tossed around by the snowblower. This will greatly reduce damage to property and personal injury. Many homeowners prefer to check these spaces for objects the night before a storm, and once again before they use the equipment.

Likewise, always make sure that the snowblower’s output is not directly pointed toward vehicles, other people, or a home’s windows and doors. Creatively pointing the output away from these targets will spare them if the snowblower does come across an unexpected, non-snow object on the ground.

All pets and other bystanders should be kept at least 75 feet away from the Cub Cadet snowthrower while it’s being used, of course, in order to prevent any injuries that might result from debris on the ground.

Precautions to Follow When Using the Cub Cadet Snowthrower

It’s important to always let the Cub Cadet’s engine acclimate to the outdoor conditions where it will be used before igniting the engine and beginning the snow clearing process. Furthermore, the engine should be allowed to warm up for a few moments before the snowblower is put into active use.

A Cub Cadet snowthrower should never be used on particularly steep slopes. Even on more gradual inclines, homeowners would be well-advised to exercise extreme caution. In some cases, snowblowers have been known to tip over or cause other damage when used on sloping landscapes.

Be sure to wear proper footwear and outdoor attire for the season, especially to prevent slips and falls that might occur during operation of the equipment. Snow and ice can be notoriously tricky, so the proper boots with a great grip will help to reduce any potential injury or more serious accidents.

Finally, never clear the snowblower’s intake chute with bare hands. Before this can be cleaned, the snowblower should be turned off, and the engine should be allowed to cool completely. The snowblower’s ignition key and spark plug wire should be completely removed. Only then is it safe to clear the intake chute, and only with proper protection on hands and arms.

Replacement Parts: The Key to Safety

An often-overlooked aspect of snowblower safety relates to the replacement parts purchased during maintenance procedures. When replacing those parts, always use those which are made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). These Cub Cadet OEM parts are of the highest quality, checked and inspected thoroughly by Cub Cadet before they’re sold for use by snowblower operators. That is not true of generic parts, which can malfunction and cause serious injury in some cases.

Excellent snowblower maintenance is a key way to ensure safety, but that maintenance must always involve the highest-quality, OEM parts. Cub Cadet’s track record and quality assurance practices will allow for greater peace of mind during operation.

OEM Replacement Parts: Where to Buy

Dedicated Cub Cadet owners are probably already aware that OEM replacement parts are the best bet in terms of quality, longevity, and safety. Sometimes finding those parts quickly and easily can be a hassle. Snowblower owners and operators should turn to The website, owned and maintained by Shank’s Lawn Equipment, is a valuable resource that can help point out the best parts for each Cub Cadet snowthrower, as well as other equipment manufactured by Cub Cadet.

With an easy shopping process that’s backed up by a company with ample experience in the industry, specializes in providing OEM parts that will stand the test of time and ensure each operator’s safety. That’s a win-win situation that will make the winter season far more enjoyable this year and every year.

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