Cub Cadet ST 100 Wheeled String Trimmer Overview

Cub Cadet ST 100 TrimmerWhile handheld trimmers are a popular option for many homeowners and commercial customers, others prefer the convenience, easier operation, and more expansive cutting width, of a wheeled trimmer instead. Cub Cadet has long served both types of customers with an assortment of wheeled and handheld models, and the company’s ST 100 wheeled string trimmer model is sure to please those who want a larger and more powerful model for work around the home. The equipment leverages larger wheels for great balance, while its larger cutting width makes it perfect for handling bigger outdoor areas with tight edges and large areas of overgrowth. The trimmer is even far more durable than handheld models, which makes it suitable for thicker plants and longer grasses that might need to be taken care of.

Trimmer Features: Benefits of a Wheeled String Trimmer Model

The most popular trimmer might be a handheld model, but Cub Cadet’s wheeled string trimmer is just as popular among homeowners and commercial customers who have to handle trimming in very large areas. There’s a few key reason for this, most of which are the most important features of the ST 100. The first of these is the trimmer’s very large and thin wheels, which create excellent balance during operation. These wheels are also light enough to avoid digging into the ground and ruining the health or quality of turf around the home. Another key feature of the ST 100 trimmer is its larger cutting width, which is actually more than twice as wide as the cutting swath associated with more traditional, handheld trimmers.

A powerful engine and a suitably large fuel tank means that this trimmer can power through extended trimming and maintenance work without interruption. A tall operator handle makes this trimmer comfortable for even the tallest homeowners and commercial customers, while the AutoChoke feature paired with the engine ensures an easier start that will result in far less fatigue overall. Though quite tall, the handle can be folded down and collapsed, making this trimmer easier to store in compact spaces. Considering its relatively large size compared to handheld models, this feature is a welcome one for homeowners with relatively little space for equipment storage.

The trimmer’s walk-behind design is enhanced by debris covers that sit just in front of each of its two wheels. These covers, shaped like a scoop, effectively catch and discard debris. This keeps operators safe and it ensures that the debris doesn’t do any damage to the string cutting heads during equipment operation. A scoop located on the back of the trimmer further enhances operator safety, largely by pushing any debris forward and away from both the operator and the cutting head. Combined, these guards ensure that this trimmer will likely require a bit less maintenance or emergency repairs over the course of its extended useful life.

Engine and Other Specs for Cub Cadet’s ST 100 Wheeled Trimmer

As should be expected of a larger trimmer with a wheeled design, the Cub Cadet ST 100 offers some rather impressive specifications when compared to compact, handheld models. The trimmer comes with a 159cc engine featuring OHV architecture. This means that the engine is not only suitably powerful, but also quite efficient and designed to handle a large number of conventional trimming tasks. The added performance also allows the trimmer to tackle higher, taller grasses, and thicker growth around the home. The engine is paired with AutoChoke, a unique feature that actually makes the trimmer easier to start with the included starter grip. As a result, operators can expect to dedicate a bit less time to repeatedly puling the starter grip or priming the engine prior to use.

The trimmer features 14-inch, thin-frame wheels that are designed to leave the turf untouched even as the trimmer is pushed around the perimeter of outdoor spaces. Cutting heads are also quite large, especially when compared to handheld models. The ST 100 offers cutting heads ranging from 2.375 inches to 4.375 inches, for efficient and expansive cutting that extends up to 22 inches in overall width. Carries the ST 100 Trimmer and OEM Cub Cadet Parts

The ST 100 trimmer from Cub Cadet is a great asset for homeowners with larger areas to clear and maintain throughout the summer. The trimmer’s more expansive cutting width, and its less fatiguing use, make it a great fit for those with a great deal of work to complete on a regular basis. carries the Cub Cadet ST 100 trimmer model as well as a full assortment of OEM replacement parts that can make repairs or regular maintenance easier to complete. These parts are filtered by part number, model number, or engine type, ensuring compatibility upon purchase. With Cub Cadet quality and standards, these parts are assuredly just as durable as Cub Cadet equipment itself.

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