Cub Cadet ST100 Wheeled String Trimmer

Cub Cadet ST100Not long ago, wheeled string trimmers were strictly the domain of professionals, packing big power in an easy to manage package for quickly trimming along fences and landscape features. With the ST 100, Cub Cadet is able to offer this convenience in a piece of equipment sized for homeowners who want a faster, more consistent cut than a hand-held trimmer.

Why Wheeled?

With a hand-held string trimmer, the operator swings the head along the ground in a circular motion to get the most coverage. This makes it awkward to cut along flat areas near walls, and it can be difficult to keep the spindle parallel to the ground and at an even height for a good finish. Add in the difficulties of starting a two-stroke engine and getting the line out of a bump head, and using one of these trimmers quickly becomes a nuisance when dealing with larger lawns.

A wheeled trimmer is rolled along like a walk-behind lawn mower. Since it doesn’t have to be carried, the engine can be a lot bigger, increasing cutting force. This allows it to use thicker, longer lasting line which is twisted into holes on the spindle. When cutting, the spindle stays level as the trimmer is pushed along for a consistent finish. The end result is faster cutting with better results and less time messing with the engine or the line. It may not have all the features of a pro model, but the ST 100 is perfect for those with a half acre lawn looking for an alternative to hand-held trimmers.

Assembly and Use

The ST 100 is powered by a 159cc engine built by Cub Cadet and used in a wide range of products including several of their lawn mowers. Setup is simple: just pull the device out of the box, bolt on the top part of the handle, attach the pull starter and add some oil and gas. The engine uses an automatic choke and requires no priming so it can be started by closing the bail on the handle and pulling the starter handle. 14-inch wheels make this trimmer easy to maneuver, while ball bearing mounts keep it rolling smoothly. Need to take the ST 100 somewhere? The handle folds down for easy transport.

Spindle and Line

The spindle can be moved after loosening a couple wing nuts. This gives the St 100 a cutting height ranging between 2.375 and 4.375 inches. This deck is offset to the left so it can get a clean cut next to walls and fences without having to move back and forth using the front of the cutting edge.

The spindle is designed to use 0.155 inch (0.39 cm) trimmer line and can cut a swath up to 22 inches wide. Cub Cadet designed the head to use standard square line or twisted Xtreme line for cutting woody growth. The lines attach using a single bend: just fold it in half and push it through the loop, and the end will catch on a hook. When it wears out, the line can be pushed back through without using a set of pliers. Unlike professional models, this trimmer can’t be used with a brushcutter blade, but that’s only an issue for owners who have lots of land or live on the edge of a wooded area. Need to cut on hills? The deck is balanced to allow this trimmer to work on a 15-degree incline.

Getting Parts for the Cub Cadet ST 100

When you need anything Cub Cadet, visit We’re a certified Cub Cadet dealer with a massive parts stock, letting us rapidly ship whatever you need for your equipment from spindles to spark plugs. Our site makes finding parts easy with built in factory diagrams and descriptions, and we can ship your order to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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