Cub Cadet’s New RZT L and LX Lawn Tractors

Cub Cadet's New RZT L and LX Lawn Tractors

Zero turning radius mowers were once exclusively used by professionals who could justify the high price tag. Now that same maneuverability is available to the regular consumer thanks to Cub Cadet’s RZT L and LX. Priced competitively with lawn tractors, these ZTRs are perfect for mowing flat terrain, maneuvering around landscape features with ease.


These mowers use a mid-deck design, placing the mowing deck directly beneath the operator for a compact footprint. Most L models come with a stamped steel deck. This gives the deck a curved shape that hugs the blades, increasing vacuum. This pulls the grass into the mowing chamber, letting the blades get an even cut for an exceptional finish.

The RZT L 54 and all RZT LX models use Cub Cadet’s Aeroforce constructed decks. Welded together from flat plates of 11 gauge steel, these decks can withstand impacts that will bend a stamped deck. Added interior liners help these decks provide high vacuum and reduce clumping.


The RZT L 34 is powered by Cub Cadet’s own 452cc single-cylinder engine. It’s designed in-house for the needs of their equipment, making it easy to operate and maintain.

LX models are powered by Kawasaki’s FR-series engines. While famous for their motorcycles, Kawasaki’s engines are a staple of the commercial ZTR market. The FR-series is aimed at home use, but it still has most of the features of their commercial engines. This includes a full pressure lubrication system, cast iron cylinder liners, and a grass chopper that helps keep the cooling fins clean.

Like the FR-Series, the 7000 Series is a residential version of Kohler’s Command Pro commercial engines. It has a fully-pressurized lubrication system, an automatic choke, and a Consistent-Cut governor. This makes it easy to start and helps it maintain cutting performance when moving into thicker grass.

Honda’s GXV630 is a commercial V-twin. It’s built with the company’s usual focus on high tech features. It uses forged steel connecting rods and hybrid aluminum/steel pushrods keep reciprocating weight low. This improves performance and significantly reduces noise and vibration.

Built for Easy Use and Maintenance

Yet again, Cub Cadet includes features that were new to professional models not that long ago.

These mowers come with adjustable lap bars and a high-backed seat, making it comfortable for operators of all sizes to operate. All controls are placed next to the bars including a clearly marked height adjustment lever.

Some models come with Cub Connect, a Bluetooth-enabled hour meter. Together with the Cub Connect app, you can keep tabs on maintenance and look up repair procedures on your smartphone.



Cub Cadet makes this model in 5 versions with a choice of decks and engines:

34 — Cub Cadet single cylinder 452cc

42 – 23 hp Kohler 7000 V-Twin

42 H — Honda GXV630 V-Twin, Cub Connect

46 – 23 hp Kohler 7000 V-Twin, Cub Connect

54 – 23 hp Kohler 7000 V-Twin, Cub Connect, Aeroforce constructed deck


This series has all the features of the RZT L and come with Aeroforce fabricated decks, Kawasaki FR V-twin engines and a 300 amp Sure Start battery. The only difference between these models is the deck size and power output:

46 – 18 HP

50 – 21.5 HP

54 – 23 HP


Kits and blades are available to set up any L or LX for mulching and bagging. Cub Cadet makes several versions sized for a specific deck range, ensuring a perfect fit for each application. Lawn striping kits are also available for 48 and 54-inch decks to get a ballpark finish.

Heavy towing isn’t recommended for ZTR mowers, but a hitch can be added to any model to tow a small utility trailer like the Cub Cadet Hauler.


Cub Cadet guarantees their mowers for three years, and they offer a limited lifetime warranty on their constructed decks. Cub Cadet, Kawasaki, Kohler, and Honda guarantee their engines for three years.

Getting Parts for Your Residential ZTR

When you need anything for your Cub Cadet, visit We’re a certified dealer for Cub Cadet, Honda Engines, Kawasaki Engines USA and Kohler Power. This means we can provide parts for everything on your RZT no matter which model you own. Our site lets you see factory parts diagrams and uses factory descriptions, making parts easy to find. We ship across the U.S. and Canada.

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