How to Replace a Cub Cadet Snowblower Pull Cord

Cub Cadet 900 Series SnowthrowerWithout a functioning pull cord, a snowblower is pretty useless to homeowners. The equipment won’t start, it won’t clear snow, and a big storm can strand homeowners for days on end if it’s strong enough. That makes repair of this crucial piece of equipment pretty important. Luckily, the process is a long but easy one, with a few key steps that can be followed by even those homeowners new to power equipment and Cub Cadet snowblowers.

Step 1: Take Safety Precautions

Remove the spark plug wire from the Cub Cadet snowblower and ensure that it is completely out of its holder to prevent accidental sparking of the snowblower that might cause serious injury.

Step 2: Remove the Flywheel Cover

A ratchet and socket must be used to remove the screws that hold the flywheel cover in place. Most Cub Cadet snowblowers have four screws, but smaller models generally have two. Pull them off and set them aside, then release the cover from its clip.

Step 3: Separate the Flywheel and its Cover

Release the clip that locks the flywheel to the flywheel cover. This will actually allow the snowblower to start, theoretically, but that’s a function that won’t be utilized during repair. Use pliers to press and release the clip that holds the flywheel to the cover, and be gentle while doing this.

Step 4: Locate the End of the Pull Cord

Pick up the flywheel and look for the end of the snowblower’s current pull cord. Generally, this will be indicated by a knot in the cord that’s threaded through a small hole in the flywheel. Cut this knot apart or delicately untie it. Remove the pull cord entirely by unwinding the remainder of it from around the flywheel.

Step 5: Install the New Pull Cord into the Snowblower

Locate the new Cub Cadet pull cord and thread it through the hole previously occupied by the one just removed. Tie a knot and secure it appropriately. Then secure the other end of the new pull cord to the ripcord handle and tie a knot there. Finally, wrap the remainder of the cord around the flywheel. Ensure that the cord is wrapped into the appropriate grooves and that it is wound tightly around the flywheel so that it can properly start the snowblower after the repair is completed.

Step 6: Replace the Flywheel and Prepare the Snowblower for Use

With the cord wrapped around the flywheel, it’s time to reinsert the flywheel into the snowblower, attach it to the flywheel cover, and get the snowblower back into working condition. Remember to reattach the spark plug wire to its housing only after all other steps are completed.

Step 7: Test Out the New Pull Cord and Make Sure it Works

Of course, no repair of a pull cord is complete without an appropriate test of the new hardware. Make sure that a simple pull of the cord can ignite the engine and start the snowblower. If repeated attempts fail, it may be time to check the winding of the cord as well as the secure nature of its knots on the flywheel and the ripcord handle.

Always Choose an OEM Pull Cord Replacement for Cub Cadet Snowblower Models

In the hunt for a new pull cord, snowblower owners will find plenty of off-brand, aftermarket parts that are not made by Cub Cadet. These parts generally are not as compatible, and not as high quality as those produced by the original manufacturer. Always rely on OEM parts, manufactured and distributed by Cub Cadet, to repair any of the most common problems experienced by the company’s snowblowers and other power equipment products. is a Valuable Resource for Cub Cadet Snowblower Owners and Others

When searching for the best combination of OEM parts, experience, and great customer service, customers should rely on to meet their needs. The company deals extensively in replacement parts for Cub Cadet’s power equipment offerings, including the company’s esteemed line of snowblowers. That means there will be no need to compromise between expert service, quality parts, and great prices.

Finding the right parts for the job is also made quite a bit easier at thanks to the company’s great parts lookup tool. Unlike many competing websites, which pair their customers with an extensive list of unsorted parts, offers the ability to sort those parts by model number, part number and more.

Using the parts lookup tool, customers can enter the type of their power equipment, the specific model, and even the number of the exact part they need. By clicking a button, they’re presented with exactly what they require in just a few seconds. It’s a commitment to service, support, and ease-of-use that makes a Cub Cadet owner’s chief asset during repairs and parts replacement.


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