In-Depth Overview of the RZT-S Zero

Cub Cadet RZT S ZeroIf there’s one word that almost all homeowners would use to describe their lawn mowing experience, it has to be “loud.” Today’s lawn mowers are almost all powered by gasoline, with bulky engines that produce a lot of horsepower and a lot of noise all at the same time. This makes it hard to mow early in the morning or late at night, when weather conditions are actually ideal for getting the job done. Cub Cadet has taken notice of this paradox and, with its RZT-S Zero riding mower, the company has eliminated virtually all noise concerns that accompany the common riding mower. Thanks to innovative new technologies in every part of the equipment, mowing throughout the day can be a “zero” experience: Zero noise, zero emissions, zero hassle.

What Makes it Unique: Electric Operation Eliminates Gas Engines and Noise Issues

The future of mowing is electric, and Cub Cadet has decided to boldly bring that future to present-day homeowners. The company’s RZT-S Zero riding mower ditches the gasoline-powered engine in favor of electric operation and lithium-ion battery technology. as a result, the many moving and carbon-emitting parts of a gas engine are removed from the mower entirely. The equipment produces virtually no noise during operation, and is an emissions-free way to keep the lawn looking professional from the first days of spring through the last weeks of autumn. Homeowners will also enjoy a smoother ride, fewer vibrations and lower levels of fatigue, all thanks to the wide array of new features found only in this RZT-S Zero riding mower model from Cub Cadet.

The Features: Electric Power and So Much More

Though the engine is an electric model that breaks with the gas-powered behemoths of past generations, the RTZ-S Zero mower is actually a pretty conventional model in terms of the commercial-grade performance and cut quality offered to today’s homeowners. The equipment is the world’s only electric-powered, zero-turn riding mower available for sale from any manufacturer. Its zero-turn design allows the RZT-S Zero to offer a close cut around all obstructions in the lawn, creating a professional appearance that will be the envy of others on the same block.

The mower’s zero-turn design offers no-hassle, commercial-level mowing, but that’s not the only way that common lawn mower headaches are reduced. Thanks to the nature of electric engines, the RZT-S Zero offers an experience that requires no oil changes, no belt adjustments or belt replacements, no significant levels of engine heat, no significant or noticeable equipment vibrations, no filters, no noise, and no emissions. This is a zero-impact model that respects the environment, enhances the lawn, and gives operators more control over how and when they get the job done based on their individual needs. As a result, the mower has been the subject of praise by major publications like Consumer Reports, who called the equipment the “Tesla of mowers,” as well as Men’s Journal, Truck Trend, and the Examiner. The mower won accolades at the International Consumer Electronics Show and was the winner of the 2014 American Business Award.

Check Out the Specs of this Electric-Powered Riding Mower form Cub Cadet

The RZT-S Zero electric riding mower comes with four separate batteries operating at 48 volts. These four batteries allow the equipment to mow for 60 continuous minutes on a full charge, which is more than enough for the typical lawn. Productivity is further enhanced with a 42-inch cutting deck, which is on par with the entry-level deck sizes offered by mowers with more conventional, gas-powered engines. The mower’s deck is made from stamped steel, and houses a twin-blade system for the ultimate in cutting precision around the home. Despite a high level of power, the mower transmits virtually no vibrations to the operator thanks to a seat made from vibration-reducing materials. The Cub Cadet high-back seat is standard on this model, and further enhances comfort during longer outings.

The Cub Cadet RTZ-S Zero uses its electric engine to travel up to 6 miles per hour in forward operation. When combined with the substantial cutting deck size, this makes the mower among the most advanced in the residential segment. It should also eliminate range concerns for those with larger lawns. For operator convenience, both cruise control and a cup holder are offered as standard with the RZT-S Zero.

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