Maintain Your Course with the RG3

rg3-unit-2016-updateWhen it comes to groundskeeping at a golf course, your best friend may be a robot. The Cub Cadet RG3 doesn’t just mow and roll, its precision allows it to do these jobs better than any other method while freeing up your staff to do other tasks to improve the overall quality of your course.

Saving Labor with Automation

Courses that have added this mower to their equipment have seen labor productivity increase by at least 50%. The chassis has built-in rollers to finish the grass as it mows, cutting and rolling in a single step, and it requires no operator intervention. Once the mower is set up, it can handle these tasks by itself day after day.

However, there’s more to this device than its autonomy. It doesn’t need light to sense its position, so it can be used at night, giving your staff more time to prepare the grounds. The software used with the RG3 can be adjusted to cut greens to the exact specifications you need for your course, and the mower’s floating deck and pivoting frame can follow the shape of the terrain. This consistency all but eliminates scalloping and reduces grounds creep, keeping the course features the same year after year with far less landscaping intervention.

Improving Your Greens

Cub Cadet’s proprietary Precise Path technology is more accurate than GPS, which means each mow is almost identical. Why “almost?” It keeps track of each turn, varying slightly with each pass to distribute turf wear. Since the entire device is built to deliver gentle turns and lightweight rolling to reduce turf damage, it cuts down on the overall maintenance of the grass.

This accuracy also means consistency, resulting in higher ball speeds, green speeds, and a more unified play feel across the course, matching or surpassing the results achieved with walk-mowed and rolled greens.

Real World Performance: The RG3 in Use

This revolutionary mowing system has been tested in two dozen courses across the U.S. covering over 45 million square feet of greens in every form imaginable. Here are the experiences of two of these courses:

The Bayou Club in Largo, Florida, replaced their triplex mowers with four RG3 machines to improve the quality of their greens. Balls roll 12 inches farther on average, and players report more consistency between holes and higher green speeds. Overall, the course matches the performance of walk-mowed and rolled greens, but by using the RG3, the club has achieved this quality with 10 less man hours of maintenance each day. This saves the club $35,000 each year.

Valley Brook Country Club in McMurray, Pennsylvania, adopted the RG3 for one of their three 9 hole courses. The club had previously used walk mowing, but they found the RG3 worked better, keeping the same greens quality while improving consistency and eliminating the wear patterns from the rollers and wheels on mowers and collars. By cutting down on man hours required to maintain the greens, the club has been able to reallocate their staff to tasks like bunker edging, improving the overall quality of the course without raising costs.

Parts and Support You Can Count On

Cub Cadet can provide your staff with the training they need to use the RG3 ranging from programming to maintenance, so you can get the most from this mower right from the start. Getting parts for such a specialized piece of equipment is easy, too. Just visit We cover everything Cub Cadet from homeowner equipment to top end professional equipment like this robotic mower, and our search engine has factory parts diagrams built in to make it easy to find what you need. We can ship your order anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

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