New Cub Cadet Rider? What You Should Know to Get Started

Cub Cadet RZT 2Buying a new Cub Cadet mower is a pretty exciting time for any homeowner, as it means that regular landscaping tasks become a bit easier and regular lawn maintenance is just a bit more enjoyable. Of course, there are many more things to consider than how much easier and more enjoyable it is to mow the lawn.

Cub Cadet mowers come with some unique maintenance routines and setup requirements that will permit them to run more efficiently and perform at their peak level for years to come. New Cub Cadet owners should follow a few basic guidelines when getting started with their mower this summer season.

Connect the Battery Cables for Proper Operation

In order for the Cub Cadet mower to start, the battery cables will need to be connected after the mower has arrived home or been delivered. To do this, simply remove the red battery terminal cover and replace it with the red battery wire. Do the same to the black battery terminal cover and the corresponding black battery cable. Make sure that both cables are secured tightly to the battery terminals to ensure that the connection will be durable during even the most challenging mowing conditions.

Remember to Regularly Check the Mower’s Oil Level

One of the most important ways to ensure long-term mower efficiency is to make sure that the mower is always working with a sufficient amount of oil during ever landscaping task. As a general rule, Cub Cadet recommends that riding mower owners check their oil level before every lawn-mowing job to ensure that oil is at the recommended notch on the dipstick.Furthermore, regular oil changes are recommended for mowers just like they are for automobiles. This keeps the oil thin, effective, and highly efficient.

Remember to Fill the Fuel Tank Often

Mowing the lawn is no easy task, and most Cub Cadet mowers will burn through a pretty large amount of fuel when tackling the largest lawns around the country. To make sure that the mower does not unexpectedly run out of fuel and strand the homeowner somewhere in the middle of their work, it’s a good idea to fill the mower’s fuel tank before each lawn mowing task.Generally, a full tank will be more than sufficient to get the entire task done before a refuel is needed. A partial tank, however, may not enjoy the same longevity.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use the Cruise Control Setting While Mowing

Drivers heading out on a particularly long road trip know that the best way to get optimal fuel economy and an ideal amount of relaxation in the driver’s seat is to switch from manual operation of the accelerator to a more ideal cruise control setting. The good news for Cub Cadet riding mower owners is that many of the company’s models come with their own cruise control option for easier mowing and less-involved mower operation. This will also help to maximize fuel efficiency in a riding model, making it far more likely that the mower will outlast the lawn’s acreage every time. It should be noted that cruise control should always be deactivated on steep landscapes, around sharp turns or corners, and in other challenging parts of the lawn.

Heed the Mowing and Maintenance Advice Offered by Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet offers a number of great mowing and maintenance tips to new buyers of its riding mowers, including suggestions about using the mower’s “rabbit” throttle setting and how to prepare the mower for both autumn storage and spring’s first mowing job of the season. Following these general guidelines will lead to a mower that is more efficient, easier to use, and more suitably powered for even the largest lawns that will rely on its continued operation.

Don’t Forget to Engage the Mower Blades

Turning the mower on doesn’t necessarily mean that the equipment will immediately begin mowing. That’s because engine engagement and blade utilization are two separate components, controlled by two separate mechanisms within the mower. After the mower is turned on, always remember to engage the blades by ensuring that the mower’s throttle is in the “rabbit” position, and that the “blade engage” or PTO lever is pushed all the way forward. This will eliminate a great deal of confusion for new owners unsure of why their lawn’s length never seems to get shorter. is a Great Resource for Mower Parts, Service, and More

Customers who are new to Cub Cadet mowers often need the right combination of startup tips and ongoing access to parts and service. That’s where comes in. The company has been an authorized Cub Cadet dealer for decades, and that gives mower buyers the right combination of knowledgeable support, expert service, and OEM parts, that can keep the Cub Cadet model running for years to come. Because maintenance and timely repairs are so crucial when keeping a mower going, owners should waste no time taking care of these concerns with a reputable dealer.

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