Overview of the Cub Cadet Tractor 2000 Series

Cub Cadet 2000 SeriesCub Cadet has made its name by offering power equipment that can easily toe the online between consumer-focused and perfect for larger industries. The 2000 series of Cub Cadet tractors is a perfect example of how the company has expertly tailored its product lines to meet the needs of home landscapers, professionals in the industry, and those new to performing their own lawn care. Four powerful engines, a series of great accessories, and large mower decks, make this the perfect mower for a wide range of buyers.

Features: Must-Do Lawn Work with Must-Enjoy Comfort

Setting the 2000 series apart from competing models is its available power steering, which has been expertly fine-tuned by Cub Cadet to be smoother and more enjoyable than the options offered at the company’s competitors. With an 18-inch turning radius on all four available models, buyers will find that they’re able to get the job done more quickly and more professionally. The added comfort is a great bonus, of course.

High-back seats are a mainstay of the 2000 series of Cub Cadet tractors, as are Kohler V-Twin OHV engines. Kohler has long been one of the top names for customers that prefer a heavy-duty, high-powered engine, and it’s easily one of the best perks of purchasing a Cub Cadet 2000 series lawn tractor.

Finally, it’s worth noting the sheer construction quality of these models. The mower decks sold for use with the 2000 series, for instance, is individually stamped and fabricated with heavy-duty materials. That makes it one of the most durable in the industry and, at as large as 54 inches in diameter, it’s also one of the largest in this class of lawn tractor.

Four Models: A Look at the Differences

The primary difference between the four models sold under the 2000 series label is the raw power and performance that they bring to homes and businesses after purchase. The entry-level model, sold as the GT2000, features a Kohler v-twin engine offering 20 horsepower. The steering included with this model though, is manual, making it better for entry-level homeowners than their more high-powered counterparts.

The GT2100 improves upon the 2000 model, with a Kohler engine that brings 23 horsepower to the table. Manual steering is included with this model, as well, making it primarily a power upgrade from the company’s entry-level offering. The GT2100 is compatible with all of the blade and mower deck options that Cub Cadet offers for the entry-level GT2000, making these models largely interchangeable. Choosing between them will be a decision based on horsepower, but not much else.

For more demanding consumers, Cub Cadet maintains the GTX models within the 2000 series. The first is the GTX2000. Considered the entry-level model among high-powered lawn tractors, consumers get access to a 20-horsepower Kohler v-twin engine that is paired with power steering. The addition of power steering makes the engine, also found on the GT2000, quite a bit more agile and powerful in everyday use. With an 18-inch turning radius, customers will definitely appreciate this mower’s upgrades.

At the high end of the spectrum, the GTX2100 lawn tractor is perfectly suited to major landscaping enterprises, business customers, and homeowners with particularly large lawns that require a great deal of power under the “hood.” The GTX2100 comes with a Kohler v-twin engine rated at 23 horsepower, as well as power steering with an 18-inch turning radius. It offers more blade options and mower deck attachments than any other model, going as high as 54″ but also including 42″ and 48″ options, among others.

All four models represent one of the strongest Cub Cadet tractor models to bridge the divide between high-powered homeowners, small businesses, and landscaping professionals who need a great deal of power when working on larger products or more uneven terrains.

Looking to Buy? CubParts.com is a Sure Bet

There are few websites as committed to the Cub Cadet brand as CubParts.com, which operates a site dedicated solely to Cub Cadet equipment, OEM replacement parts, and top-notch customer service that is designed solely for owners of this respected brand. The company’s website offers a number of intuitive search tools and parts lookup options for existing customers and offers some of the best values and shipping in the industry for those who are new to the Cub Cadet label.

For an industry-leading shopping experience with all the makings of a long-term customer relationship, look no further than the CubParts.com website.

The Online Parts Lookup Tool: An Asset for Buyers

Further enhancing the value of the CubParts.com website is its intuitive parts lookup tool that allows OEM replacement parts to be sorted by equipment type, model number, and part number. While maintenance is something that every Cub Cadet owner hopes to avoid, it’s nice to have a resource as valuable as the CubParts.com parts lookup tool available when service is required.


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