RZT SX Mower

RZT SX Mower

Does a ZTR seem like a good choice for your lawn, but the steering system looks too complex? Do you need a mower that’s stable on a wide range of terrain and is still easy to maneuver? The RZT SX comes with Cub Cadet’s Synchro-Steer system, replacing the lap bars with a steering wheel and adding four wheel steering to handle terrain better than other ZTRs. Add in a choice of quality engines and the company’s renowned cut quality, and you have a mower that’s perfect for homeowners with large, obstacle-filled lawns.


Instead of using lap bars that control the wheel motors independently, Synchro-Steer uses a steering wheel and pedals to control both the wheel motors and the front caster wheels. Operation is simple: push the right pedal to go forward, push the left pedal to moves backward, and turn the steering wheel to change direction. Turn the wheel all the way, and the mower will spin in place just like a regular ZTR. This is more than a gimmick to make steering easier for beginners to learn: Cub Cadet offers the same system on their Pro Z models, and their tests show even a trained operator can shave 10% off mowing times.

Cub Cadet recently redesigned the SX’s steering column. It can now tilt to get a comfortable operating position, and it comes with an LED headlight.

Engines and Transmission

Cub Cadet offers this mower with engines from Kohler, Kawasaki and their own engine division.

The 21.5 hp Kawasaki FR651V delivers most of the features of the commercial engines its based on including a metal grass chopper screen over the fan intake and an internally vented carburetor with a solenoid that automatically closes the fuel line when the engine stops. This engine is only available on the RZT SX 54.

Like the Kawasaki, the Kohler 7000 is based on the manufacturer’s commercial engines. Features include the Consistent-Cut system, a governor that quickly adjusts to changes in power demand so the blades can maintain their speed when passing over tall grass. Cub Cadet pairs this engine with every deck.

Cub Cadet also makes their own V-Twin fitted with electronic fuel injection. This provides a better air/fuel mix than a carburetor to get more power out of less fuel. Cold starts are easier, and the engine is less sensitive to stale fuel, so the gas tank doesn’t need to be drained at the end of the season. This engine is available with all decks.

All models use Hydro-Gear EZT 2200 hydrostatic transmissions with cruise control. The maximum speed for these mowers is 7 mph going forward and 3 mph in reverse.


The RZT is offered with 42, 46 and 50-inch wide decks.
The 42-inch deck is stamped from a single piece of 12 gauge steel. This gives it a rounded shape that hugs the blades for increased vacuum, delivering the best possible finish.

The 46 and 50-inch decks are fabricated using flat pieces of steel. They lose a little in finish quality, but they make up for it through durability, withstanding impacts that will bend a stamped deck.


ZTRs aren’t known for their towing ability, but you can add a hitch plate for the SX to pull utility trailers, overseeders and other small, light equipment. The added traction of the Synchro-Steer system also enables the use of a 52-inch wide snow blade.

The mulching kit comes with high lift blades that can cut clippings into small, digestible pieces. Kits for fabric decks include liners that increase vacuum for better performance.

Get Parts and Accessories for Your Cub Cadet

When you need something for your ZTR, visit www.cubparts.com. We’re able to sell OEM parts and accessories for your entire mower because we’re a certified dealer for Cub Cadet, Hydro-Gear, Kohler Engines and Kawasaki Engines USA. Our site even has factory parts diagrams and descriptions built in so you can be sure you’re ordering exactly what you need. We ship across the U.S. and Canada.

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