Servicing the CSV 050 Vacuum

Servicing the CSV 050 Vacuum

Are you having problems with your Cub Cadet CSV 050 shredder vacuum? Do you need to get it ready for fall lawn care? Here’s what you need to know to keep your lawn vacuum ready to cut up branches and leaves.

Before You Begin

The flails and impeller will still spin for a short time after the engine shuts down. Wait until these components come to a complete stop. Disconnect the spark plug wire to prevent an accidental start.


Apply light oil to these points once per season:

— The wheel shoulder screws on the back wheels
— The pivot arms on the front wheels
— The lock rod that holds the bag
— The nozzle/vacuum lever on the top of the nozzle

Chipper Blade Servicing

Along with common hand tools, you’ll need a 3/16 inch Allen wrench a ratcheting wrench with an extension and a universal joint and a torque wrench.

1. Remove the bag or blower chute
2. Remove the three cap screws holding the chipper chute onto the deck.
3. Remove the front right wheel. Start by unscrewing the lock nut on the end of the axle. Slide off the wheel and the wave washer. Next, remove the shoulder screw on top of the pivot arm assembly. Remove the thrust washer, bell washer, adjustment arm, pivot arm assembly and a second bell washer.
4. Remove the four screws that hold the nozzle cover onto the deck. Three of these are on the back edge of the cover and the fourth is behind and to the right of the hose attachment.
5. Tilt the machine back so that it’s resting on its handle with the front facing up. Support the blower so it can’t tilt forward. Take out the three bolts holding the plastic flail housing onto the bottom of the deck. Tilt the housing toward the engine to remove it from the blower.
6. Remove the flat cap screws attaching the chipper blades to the impeller. The screws can be reached through the hole on the top side of the deck where the chipper chute was bolted on, while the nuts can be reached from the underside of the blower.

Depending on their condition, the blades can be sharpened or replaced. Reassemble in reverse order, tightening the blade screws to 210-250 in-lbs. (17.5-21 ft-lbs.) When fitting the wheel, make sure the outer edges of the bell washers are facing toward from the blower.

Flail Screen

If the leaf discharge is clogged, remove and clean this screen.

1. Remove the bag.
2. Remove the two screws that attach the screen to the blower. One screw is on the right side of the blower deck, and the other is between the bag latch and the chipper chute. Remove the bolt on the underside of the deck. This will free the screen.
3. Remove the screen and clean it by washing it in water or scraping off debris.
4. Reinstall in reverse order.


Engine Won’t Start

— Make sure the throttle, engine switch and choke are in the correct positions.
— Check the spark plug wire.
— If the engine has a priming bulb, pump it until there is fuel visible inside the bulb.
— Engage the safety switch. If the engine won’t start with the switch closed, check to see if the switch wires are connected to the engine and to the ground on the mounting bracket.
— Use fresh fuel. Gasoline should be used within one month of purchase or within three months if treated with a stabilizer.

Engine Runs Poorly

— The spark plug wire is loose.
— The choke is still on when the engine is warm.
— The throttle needs to be opened.
— The fuel or air filter is dirty.
— The fuel line is blocked.
— The fuel is dirty or contaminated with water.

Bag Not Filling With Debris

— The bag is too full.
— The discharge chute or flail screen is clogged.
— Something is lodged in the impeller.
— The throttle needs to be opened.

Excessive Vibration

— The impeller may be loose or damaged. Shut off the vacuum immediately and have it inspected by a technician.

Vacuum is Slow or Not Chopping Well

— Make sure the engine is running at full throttle.
— The chipper blades are dull and need to be sharpened or replaced.

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