Signature Cut Series Self-propelled Lawn Mowers

12ACC6S6710_product_detail_largeWant the look of a professionally mowed lawn but don’t want the expense and size of a commercial lawn mower? Cub Cadet’s Signature Cut self-propelled mowers deliver the same finish that has made the brand the favorite of professionals in a package that fits your lawn and budget.

A Pro Finish from a Small Mower

These mowers use Cub Cadet’s Signature Cut design. Its low leading edge increases vacuum, pulling up blades of grass so they all get cut to the same length. The deck is set up for bagging, mulching, and side discharge, letting the owner choose the right mode for the current lawn conditions.

A Propulsion System You Don’t Have to Think About

Controlling a self-propelled mower used to be cumbersome, forcing the operator to select a gear and try to get the right throttle speed to match their walking speed. Once the operator has to stop for any reason, the whole drive system has to be set up again. Cub Cadet has removed all that complexity with the MySpeed drive control. It uses a mechanism that senses the angle of the handle: start walking, and the handle is pushed forward, signaling the drive system to speed up. Slow down, and the handle is pulled backward, telling the system to slow down. It can make these adjustments while in motion, so it’s always moving at the correct speed, even as you slow down for hills or turns.

Signature Cut Self Propelled Models

Cub Cadet makes four versions of this mower to best fit your needs:

SC 300 HW
The mower has big wheels for stability on hills and a front wheel drive system to propel it down your lawn. Power is provided by Cub Cadet’s own 159 cc engine, which is designed forĀ an easy, trouble-free start. Cub Cadet is so sure of this design that they back it with their SureStart guarantee: if it doesn’t start on the first or second pull during the first three years of ownership, they’ll cover the repairs.

SC 500 HW
Want more traction? This model has all the features of the SC 300 HW, but it uses rear wheel drive.

SC 500 Z
This model has all the features of the SC 500 HW, adding caster-mounted front wheels for easy turns on flat ground.

SC 500 EZ
This model has all the features of the SC 500 Z, plus an electric starter.

SC 700 H
Need a mower that can tackle difficult terrain and conditions? This mower use Cub Cadet’s MaxControl selectable drive system, letting you switch between front, rear, and four wheel drive modes.

The bagging system has also been upgraded, increasing airflow to allow the bag to maintain performance when being filled, even when mowing wet grass.

Instead of the Cub Cadet unit, this mower is powered by a Honda GCV190. It may not have the SureStart guarantee, but this commercial quality motor has proven its durability across the industry, finding its way in everything from truck loaders to pressure washers.

Where to Get Parts for Your Cub Cadet Signature Cut Self Propelled Mower is certified dealer for Cub Cadet and Honda, covering all the parts you need for your mower whether you decide on a SC 300 HW, a SC 700 H, or anything in between. When you’re looking for parts, our site will show you factory diagrams and descriptions to help you find what you’re looking for. We can ship parts and accessories to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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