Snow Thrower Cab Installation

Cub Cadet Snow ThrowerNo matter how good your snow blower is, it’s never fun to have to walk around in winter weather. Installing a cab on your two-stage Cub Cadet can make things more comfortable by deflecting wind. Here’s how you can turn the pile of rods, poles, and fabric in the kit into something that will make clearing snow a little easier.

Preparing for Installation

Wait at least a half hour after using your snow blower before installing the cab. This gives the engine and exhaust time to cool down.

Set your snow blower on a flat, level surface.

Wear safety glasses. Some parts of the cab will be under tension during assembly and can snap back.

Make sure you have all the parts you need for assembly. The rods, poles, and clamps are labeled with letters A through M, and there will be a bag of hardware, including set screws, nuts, bolts, and washers as well as a wrench to tighten the screws.

Most of this assembly can be done by one person, but it’s helpful to have someone on hand to hold the cab when you’re positioning it on your snow blower.

Assembling the Cab

1. Slide the A and B bars together and screw in the set screws until they’re finger tight. These screws will be tightened down later once the cab is fully assembled.

2. Insert the E bar into the ends of the A and B bars you just put together. The nut on the E bar should face the inside of the frame. Install set screws in the E bar, leaving them finger tight.

3. Connect the F poles to the E bar with the narrow ends facing up.

4. Insert the G poles into the ends of the A and B bar assembly with the narrow ends facing up. Install set screws, leaving them finger tight.

5. Connect the curved D and C rods, matching up the arrows on their ends. Install the set screws, tightening them down fully.

6. Attach the curved D and C rods onto the tops of the G poles.

7. Open the fabric cab cover and located the inner sleeves. Insert two of the flexible H rods through these sleeves and attach them to the top of the F poles.

8. Insert the two remaining H rods and bend them over until you can insert them into the ends of the H rods that are supporting the cab cover.

9. Pull the cab cover over the rod assembly, sliding the rods into the pockets inside the cover.

10. Tighten the set screws that were left finger tight during assembly.

11. Pull the cover down and over the D and C rod assembly. Slide the elastic straps on the end of the cover around the A bars.

12. Attach clamps K, L, and M using the included nuts, bolts and washers, leaving the bolts loose. Depending on your snow blower model, clamp L may be vertical or horizontal to meet up with the handlebars.

13. Hold the cab frame over the snowblower to find a comfortable mounting position. The cab should cover the handlebars, but still leave enough headroom for you to stand comfortably when at the controls.

14. Mount the K, L and M clamps to the upper handlebars.

15. Center the J crossbar against the clamps and tighten down the nuts and bolts on the K and L clamps.
Insert the front ends of the cab cover into the ends of the crossbar. Use two set screws to attach the cab to the J bar.

16. Check and adjust the position of the cab cover. Tighten down all set screws. If your snow blower has lights, they can be uncovered by unzipping the flaps on the front of the cover. Otherwise, the flaps can be left closed for increased weather protection.

Where Can I Get a Snow Cab? is a certified Cub Cadet dealer, so we’re able to ship accessories like the snow cab as well as OEM parts to any address in the U.S. or Canada. Our site can show you parts as well as diagrams and descriptions from the factory that are specific to your model so you can always be sure you’re ordering what you need.

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