Snowblower Maintenance

Snowblower Maintenance

Like any machine, a Cub Cadet snowblower will only deliver its best performance if you take care of it. Here’s what you need to know about maintaining your X1, X2 or X3 and how you can keep a step ahead of common problems.

Parts You Should Have on Hand

Having shear pins, belts, skid shoes and a fuel filter on hand will let you do common repairs on the spot so you can get your snowblower working again. Why these parts?

When there’s a jam, the shear pins will break, detaching the auger from the drive system to prevent serious component damage, and if there’s a major jam, the belt can snap, protecting the engine. When this happens, inspect the auger housing and chute thoroughly, removing whatever caused the jam.

Skid shoes support the auger housing, scraping against the ground and eventually wearing out. While they won’t suddenly break like a shear pin, it’s good to have some replacements on hand.

Fuel quality is easy to overlook since the weather is unpredictable. If you end up not using your machine for months, the fuel can varnish, clogging the filter.

Skid Shoes and Shave Plate

The shoes and shave plate should be checked before each use. The shoe height may need to be adjusted occasionally to keep the auger housing at the right height above the ground.

To replace the shoes and plate, simply remove the carriage bolts and nuts holding them onto the auger housing and bolt in the new parts. When installing the shave plate, the carriage bolts should be installed so that the heads are on the inside of the housing. Newer models have reversible skid shoes: once one side has worn down, the shoe can be flipped to use the other side.

Auger Control Cable and Drive Control Cable

Over time, these cables can stretch, which can prevent the auger clutch from engaging or the transmission from working correctly. When either cable is released, there should be very little slack in the cable, but it should not be tight.

The cable tension can be adjusted by moving the tensioner, located on the base of the snowblower next to the handle. Loosen the two bolts holding it onto the back plate and move it up or down to get the tension correct, then retighten the bolts.

Check the auger control cable tension by starting the engine and engaging the auger control lever several times, holding it closed for 10 seconds each time. The auger should engage, then disengage immediately after the lever has been released. If the auger is still spinning, shut off the engine and readjust the tensioner.

To test the drive control cable, put the shifter into neutral and start the engine. Push the snowblower forward: it should roll easily. Engage the drive control and push forward again: the snowblower should resist movement. Release the lever and shift the transmission into each gear. The gear lever should move freely. If any of these tests fail, the cable needs to be readjusted.

Gear Shift Cable (Geared Transmission Models)

To adjust the cable, make sure the engine is off and put the transmission in the highest gear. The cable should be tight. If there is slack, loosen the adjustment nut on the cable index bracket, located on the base of the snowblower. Pivot the bracket until the cable is tight, then tighten down the nut.

Gear Shaft (Geared Transmission Models)

This shaft should be lubricated every season or 25 hours of operation. To access it, run the engine until it is completely out of fuel. Carefully tilt the snowblower up and forward so that it’s resting on the auger housing. Remove the frame cover from the underside of the snowblower by taking out the four screws near the middle and back of the plate. The gear shaft is the large hex-shaped shaft running between the wheels.

The shaft should be coated in anti-seize. Be careful not to get this lubricant on the drive plate or friction wheel as this can keep the drive from engaging.

Chute Assembly Preload (Remote Adjustable Models)

If the chute moves around during operation, the preload on the cables needs to be adjusted. The adjustment nut is located on the front of the chute control assembly at the top center of the snowblower. To increase preload, tighten the nut ¼ turn. If moving the chute is difficult, loosen this nut ¼ turn.

Getting Parts for Your Snowblower

Whether you have the smallest 1X or a commercial hydro drive 3X, you can get everything you need for your Cub Cadet snowblower from Our site makes finding parts easy by letting you search for your model and serial number and showing you factory descriptions and parts diagrams. We can ship whatever you need to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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