UTV Accessories

UTV Accessories

Cub Cadet’s UTVs are great straight from the factory, but with the right accessories, you can add better weather protection, more utility and increased performance. Here’s what you can add to your vehicle to make it a better fit your needs.

Power Equipment

The bus bar kit makes it easy to access to the electrical system for installing lighting and other power accessories, while the auxiliary power kit to run a switch to the cab. Cub Cadet also makes an accessory wire harness designed to power factory accessories. To help the electrical system keep up, Volunteers that use Kohler engines can be fitted with a heavy-duty alternator.

Want to add a winch? The Challenger can be fitted with one that has a 2,000 lb. limit, while a 4,000 Warn winch can be attached to the Volunteer. While other UTVs use the winch to move their dozer blade, these winches aren’t compatible. Instead, you’ll need an electric blade angle kit to control the blade height.


The rearview mirror is convex to give a wide view, while side mirrors, turn signals, and brake lights can be added to meet neighborhood vehicle requirements. A reverse backup alarm and horn are available for workplace compliance.

36 watt LED lights can be added to the Challenger 400’s bumper and can be positioned in any direction, giving you more forward or side vision at night. Light bars for other models are available as part of the enclosure accessories.

Suspension and Off-Roading

Your UTV’s suspension and drivetrain can take a beating on rocky terrain, but adding rock sliders will protect the underside of your Challenger 550 or 750 while adding a rear bumper will protect the back end. Fender kits in camo and solid colors help keep mud off of the vehicle and the passengers. Do you frequently use your UTV in wet conditions? Aluminum wheels don’t just look nice, they also don’t rust.

Using your Volunteer in town? The sway bar kit reduces articulation, trading off-road ability for more stability and less body lean on paved and level surfaces.

If you’re using a full cab or a dozer blade with your Volunteer, you can add heavy-duty shocks to restore its handling and ride height.


When it comes to enclosures, there are plenty of options. Cub Cadet offers solid glass windshields and polycarbonate windshields that are solid, vented or folding. The back of the cab can be sealed by a rear dust panel or window, while the top of the ROPS can be covered by a soft top or hard roof. Soft doors add the final piece to get a sealed cabin. Want to get everything at once? The soft enclosure kit for Challenger 500 and 700 includes everything except a windshield. Need a windshield wiper? A wiper and light bar kit are available for use with the glass windshield. Operating in cold weather? Cab heaters are available for UTVs equipped with liquid-cooled engines. Want lights, but don’t want the glass windshield? A separate light bar kit is available.

Want more comfort when you’re using your UTV? A grab handle can be added to the roll bar, making it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. The Volunteer can also be fitted with a plush bench seat, but this can’t be installed alongside a roof or rear dust panel. What about cleanup? Add some floor mats and your UTV will be easier to clean and a little quieter. The stealth sound/heat kit insulates the cab, reducing both noise and heat loss. Headrests can be added to the ROPS, and the Challenger 400 can be equipped with the same premium seats used in larger models. Electric power steering is also available for the Challenger 500 and 700 to take the effort out of driving, especially when the rear differential is locked.


The Volunteer’s bed can be protected with a heavy-duty bed liner, and operating the dump mechanism can be made easier by adding an electric bed lift. For extra space, add a hood rack: it fits any Volunteer not equipped with a dozer blade.

Add some accessory rack tubes to the back of the ROPS and you can attach a spare tire mount, gun boot or chainsaw mount to the Challenger 550 and 750. The Kolpin Rhino Grip kit has U-shaped rubberized grips that are great for carrying long, awkward objects including rifles, bows, fishing poles and shovels.

Need a little extra space? The 12.5 cubic foot swivel dump cart works with 1 7/8 and 2 inch balls as well as a pin hitch so it can be pulled by just about anything. Want something a little more fun? Cub Cadet makes a 50-quart cooler with optional ice packs that will drop into your UTV’s bed.

Get the Accessories You Want Delivered to Your Home

Getting these accessories is easy: just visit www.cubparts.com. As a certified Cub Cadet dealer, we can ship anything you need to any address in the U.S. or Canada. Our site lets you search by model and serial number so you can be sure you’re ordering accessories that will work with your UTV.

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