Where to Locate Cub Cadet Snowblower Model and Serial Numbers

Cub Cadet 524 SWEWhen it comes to maintaining a Cub Cadet snowblower, finding the right parts for routine maintenance, and utilizing the right owner’s manual when learning how to use the equipment, nothing is more important than the model number. This number specifies the exact type of snowblower or other equipment being used, and specifies the engine type, hydrostatic transmission specs, and much more. Most parts are made specifically for a given model number, making this information essential when conducting repairs or seeking out service.

Likewise, a serial number is essential when determining the equipment’s purchase date, warranty eligibility, and more. These numbers, located in a specific place on the equipment, should be written down and kept in a secure place in case issues arise. Locating them can sometimes be difficult, but with the proper information finding these key numbers can be made a great deal easier in most cases.

What Do Cub Cadet Serial Numbers and Model Numbers Look Like?

Cub Cadet, like virtually every company that ships its products with model and serial numbers, follows a rather specific format when creating model and serial numbers for the equipment that it sells. This makes it easy for equipment owners to determine whether or not they’ve found the right number, and whether or not they’re giving the correct number to service technicians or online parts lookup tools.

Generally, a model number or serial number will be formatted using both letters and numbers. Cub Cadet’s structure looks like the following: 00XX000X000. Each zero represents a random number, while each X indicates the proper position of a letter in the broader model or serial number. When equipment owners find a number in this format, they can rest assured that they’ve obtained a key piece of information useful when conducting maintenance or requesting service.

Locating Model and Serial Numbers for 1X Snowblowers

Cub Cadet’s single-stage snowblowers, which belong to the company’s 1X series, keep their serial numbers stored on the snowblower’s frame, close to the belt cover. Luckily, the model and serial number are placed on the exterior of the belt cover, making them easier to find without disassembly of the snowblower. Single-stage Cub Cadet snowblowers start their model and serial numbers with “31” and then fill in with more specific letters and numbers to help identify the equipment’s exact features and hardware specifications.

Locating Model and Serial Numbers for 2X Snowblowers

Though they’re sold alongside 1X snowblowers, the company’s two-stage models have a slightly different position for their serial number and model number identification. Owners of this equipment will find the model number plate located between the snowblower’s wheels. The plate is positioned on the frame cover’s exterior, making it easy to locate in a hurry. Like their single-stage counterparts, model and serial numbers for this equipment begin with “31.”

The Numbers on my Model Number Plate Aren’t Legible. Now What?

Due to excessive use, the wear and tear of snow and ice can sometimes rub off the model and serial numbers and leave a blank plate on the equipment. The only way to solve this problem is to call Cub Cadet’s technical support line, where a technical support agent will be able to research the equipment’s date of purchase and registration information. Technical support agents can be reached by calling Cub Cadet’s toll-free support number at 1-877-428-2349. Agents are available seven days a week, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

When calling in, be sure to have a few key pieces of information on hand. This includes the date of purchase, information about the engine and regular snowblower operation, and other key features that will help specify which snowblower model is currently being used. Be aware that the questions asked will vary based on the equipment’s age, the ease with which in can be found in the company’s database, and the length of time it takes to produce the correct answer. Be prepared for a rather extensive conversation, and always call when the snowblower is nearby. In some cases, it may be necessary to submit photos or other identifying information specific to the snowblower.

After the snowblower’s model number has been identified, it’s generally a good idea to write the information down and keep it somewhere safe. Alternatively, some equipment owners might want to engrave the model number plate and make sure that identification is located somewhere a bit more permanent for future use.

With the Right Model Number, Find OEM Parts at CubParts.com

Cub Cadet owners who have successfully found their equipment’s model number now have all the information they need to find the right replacement parts for regular season or off-season storage maintenance. With that information on hand, the online parts lookup tool at CubParts.com will make it easy to find the highest-quality, most compatible Cub Cadet parts currently available for snowblowers and more.

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