Wide-Cut Walk-Behind Mowers

12ACW62R710_product_listing_flashNeed to mow a large area but don’t want the expense or complexity of a riding mower? Cub Cadet’s line of wide deck mowers are built to be as easy to use as a small walk-behind mower while delivering the power and cutting capacity to handle large lawns.

The Wide Cut Difference

Most walk behind mowers have a maximum deck size of 21 inches, but Cub Cadet’s wide cut mowers use 28-33 inch wide decks, reducing mowing times by 33% or more. The decks use two cutting blades to deliver a high quality finish and have a SmartJet deck washing system that lets you clean the deck by connecting a water hose, just like Cub Cadet’s riding lawnmowers.

A big mower may sound like a big hassle to use, but Cub Cadet designed these models to be as easy to operate as a standard residential mower. Every model is equipped with Cub Cadet’s MySpeed self-propulsion system. There are no gears to shift or levers to adjust: just grab the bale and start walking. It can judge your speed based on the handle’s angle and adjust to match, letting it keep pace as you move across hills and flat ground. Starting is easy thanks to the inclusion of electric start on all models.

The mower’s rear wheels are large to provide stability on slopes, while the front wheels are mounted on casters. The casters can be left free for tight turns or locked into place to keep the deck tracking straight when mowing large open areas.

All Cub Cadet wide deck mowers come with one of the company’s own motors and a deck designed for side discharge, bagging, and mulching.


Cub Cadet offers three models of wide-cut mowers:

CC 600

The smallest model in the range, this mower is powered by a 195cc engine that drives a 28 inch cutting deck. Cutting height can be set to one of 5 positions between 1.25 and 3.75 inches. The mulch plug is integrated into the deck, making it easy to switch between mulching and side discharge.

CC 800

On this model, a 382cc engine drives a 33 inch deck. An hour meter with a maintenance reminder comes standard, as does a clear view tank that allows the fuel level to be checked without opening the cap.

CC 760 ES

Like the CC 800, this mower has a 33 inch deck, but it uses a 420cc engine. This model is set up for mulching and side discharge from the factory and can be set up to collect clippings with an optional bagging kit. A clear view tank and an hour meter with a maintenance reminder are included.

Where to Get Parts for Your Cub Cadet Wide Cut Walk Behind Mower

www.cubparts.com is a certified Cub Cadet dealer. That means we carry OEM replacements for everything Cub Cadet from early tractors to these modern wide deck mowers. Our site is designed with ease of use in mind, letting you view factory parts diagrams to find exactly what you need. Best of all, we can ship your order anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

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