A Complete Maintenance Guide for Cub Cadet Lawnmower Blades

Cub Cadet Self Propelled LawnmowerOwning a Cub Cadet lawnmower means that regular maintenance should be done to ensure that the mower is still as powerful and as precise as the day it was purchased.  The key to this is making sure that the mower’s blades are sharp, free of damage, and able to perform their job without reducing the mower’s efficiency or causing problems with the lawn as the mowing process is completed. Regular blade maintenance can be a daunting task though, and there are plenty of safety precautions to be taken when examining, replacing, or sharpening mower blades.

Safety Precautions: Cover All Bases

Mower blades are inherently sharp, and they represent a significant risk of injury if proper attire is not worn while handling them. Mower owners or maintenance professionals should always wear highly durable protective gloves to keep themselves free of injury or infection during maintenance. Furthermore, the mower must be prevented from accidentally starting or causing injury on its own, so all spark plug wires should be disconnected as well as grounded before the handling of blades can proceed.

When Blade Maintenance is Necessary: What to Look For

Even though blades are used heavily during mowing, they don’t often require repair, replacement or sharpening, as often as consumers might think. These blades are designed to be used thousands of times, and they’re designed to be more highly durable than many other parts of both riding and walk behind mowers.

To see whether or not repair is necessary, place the mower into the proper position for viewing its blades. This position varies based on mower type and specific Cub Cadet model, based on the location of fluids and parts that might require special care. Consult the owner’s manual before proceeding. When the mower is in place, examine the blades for dull areas well as any nicks or dings that may have resulted from mowing. Check the blades for any warping or other defects that could affect their level, precise cutting ability. If it does appear as though there is damage to be undone, then repair or replacement may be necessary.

How to Replace Mower Blades

First, remove the existing mower blade from its location underneath the mower. This will typically require a long handled wrench and a series of sockets, based on the unique mower model and the type of blade being removed. Be on the lookout for potential corrosion, as this can make the removal of the blades that much more difficult. Remove the bolts and the fittings keeping the blades in place and then, one by one, take the blades out of the mower. If there is a double or triple blade system in place, this will require specific removal of up to 12 blades from the bottom of the mower.

During replacement, consumers might notice that the mower’s blade and shaft tend to spin as the blade’s retaining bolts and fittings are removed. This is a common problem, but it’s easy to solve. Simply place a wood block or another immobilizing device into the mower in a position that stops the system from spinning. Removal will then proceed as usual.

Another consideration to be made during replacement is that some mowers actually require the entire deck to be removed in order for the blades to be dislodged. This is not uniform across all mowers, though it is more common across riding models than it is among Cub Cadet’s walk behind mowers currently on the market. Consult the owner’s manual to learn more about the unique specifications concerning blade removal if it seems that the blades cannot be removed through a standard procedure.

Replacing the blades themselves is actually pretty easy, since it involves performing removal in reverse. It’s a good idea to pair new blades with new bolts and fittings, though, especially if years of mowing has caused the retaining hardware to corrode or become damaged in some other way. The blades will generally lock into place as they are installed back into the mower, making replacement pretty straightforward.

CubParts.com Offers a Large Number of Replacement Blades and More

When it comes to finding the widest selection of OEM replacement parts for Cub Cadet mowers, CubParts.com is a huge asset for homeowners. The company’s long commitment to the Cub Cadet brand allows it to sell everything from mower blades to spark plugs and accessories, as well as every conceivable part needed during repair. Best of all, every part is made by Cub Cadet itself with a high standard of quality and durability not found at off-brand manufacturers.

An intuitive online parts lookup tool allows consumers to separate parts by engine type or Cub Cadet equipment type, as well as by the model or part number needed. This filtering system works well with both advanced and novice buyers, easily giving them access to the parts they need the most. With a commitment to intuitive lookup and user-friendly parts filtering, there is really no better option when it’s time to replace a mower blade.


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