Cub Cadet Engine Won’t Start?

Cub Cadet LawnmowerThere is a dreaded moment that virtually every Cub Cadet mower owner hopes that they’ll never have to endure: After trying numerous times, the mower’s engine just won’t start. In some cases, it doesn’t even make an attempt to start. This is a stressful time, with many homeowners wondering if their mower has finally made its last lap around the home and will soon require replacement.

The good news, though, is that this often isn’t the case. There are a number of common problems and oversights that cause Cub Cadet mowers, and many other mower brands, to temporarily experience difficulties starting. Fixing these problems is generally quite easy and affordable, and will result in renewed mowing capabilities.

Take a Look at the Mower’s Fuel

There are two problems with the mower’s fuel that could cause the engine to not start at all. The first, and perhaps the most obvious, is simply not having enough fuel to begin combustion and spark the mower’s engine. If this is the case, it’s easy to simply add more gasoline to the mower and then try to start it again. In most cases, it will start up immediately and be ready to go.

Another common problem in this area is not the lack of fuel itself, but the lack of new fuel. After a few months of sitting idly in the garage, any old fuel from last summer will be virtually useless, and the mower will often refuse to start. As per Cub Cadet’s seasonal maintenance recommendations, drain this fuel from the mower and replace it with new gasoline. Afterward, attempt to start the mower again. It should start without incident.

Spark Plugs May Need to Be Replaced

As most people know, the burning of gasoline and the use of oil results in the production of carbon. Within the mower itself, this means that carbon can actually accumulate and turn into a residue that will affect the mower’s long-term operation. Most frequently, this accumulation happens on the end of a spark plug, preventing it from producing the spark that is absolutely essential when starting the engine.

Cub Cadet recommends at least annual replacement of the spark plugs in all of their mowers, and this is to combat the buildup of carbon residue that is directly responsible for engine ignition problems. Cub Cadet even sells its own line of replacement spark plugs, giving customers greater peace of mind during replacement.

Air Filters Are Important, Too

The air filter found in Cub Cadet mowers is actually essential in terms of allowing the engine to start and stay in operation. That’s because engines require a spark, and a spark is simply not possible if no air can pass through the air filter. As most people know, it’s oxygen that fans the flames of even the smallest fires and sparks. In many cases, the air filter can be clogged by anything from lawn debris and carbon buildup to engine oil. Many Cub Cadet owners accidentally tip their mower to either side, causing oil to spill onto the air filter and reduce the engine’s ability to start.

Replacement air filters are easy to find, with Cub Cadet selling its own OEM brand of filters for today’s mowers. With a quick replacement, the engine will likely start up without any added effort or repairs.

Consider Replacing Parts to Make the Mower More Responsive

One of the things that many new Cub Cadet mower owners don’t consider is that their mower will require at least seasonal maintenance in order to be kept in working order for years to come. This maintenance is designed to prevent common problems, like the mower simply refusing to start, before they actually happen .Whether it’s the replacement of spark plugs or the installation of a new air filter, this is an important component of mower ownership.

At a minimum, Cub Cadet owners should perform maintenance on their mower in the early springtime right before they use the equipment for the first time after a long winter in storage. There are plenty of things to check, including all of the items mentioned earlier in this article as they pertain to a non-starting engine. Additionally, mower owners should examine the mower’s blades, belts, and fittings to ensure that they’re free of rust, wear and tear, and other issues that might reduce the equipment’s efficiency and performance.

Choose for Maintenance and Replacement Parts

When the time has come to perform seasonal maintenance and implement replacement parts within the mower, is a great choice for consumers. The company deals exclusively in OEM replacement parts for mowers. OEM part offer enhanced durability and quality as they’re manufactured by Cub Cadet in the company’s own factories. With excellent quality checks and manufacturing standards, consumers will get the best parts money can buy at a great savings.

The company’s online parts lookup tool allows for these parts to be found very easily. Consumers are able to narrow down their search for parts by selecting a specific engine or equipment type, a specific model number or even the exact part number of the part needed for replacement. It’s a great commitment to usability and year-round maintenance.


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