A Look at the All New Cub Cadet Volunteer

The Cub Cadet Volunteer utility vehicle is a multi-purpose tool that does the job you need it to do, any time of year. The everyday homeowner and multiple-acre land owner can benefit from this vehicle because it provides all the function and versatility needed to maintain a lawn or large field with ease.

With more than 40 available accessories, a heavy-duty build, and a 1,400 pound towing capacity, this vehicle can do it all. It comes in four models, each with its own strengths. 

Volunteer 4×2

With an 18 hp 624 cc Kohler Command V-twin engine, the 4×2 is the ideal model for a property that requires small maintenance. It has a seven gallon fuel tank, hydraulic brakes, and headlights. Delivering a maximum speed of 30mph, it has an eleven inch ground clearance, twenty-four foot turning diameter, and a 14.4 cubic foot bed. It also comes with a one year limited residential warranty.

Volunteer 4×4

With a 20 hp 624 cc Kohler Command V-twin engine, the 4×4 is the ideal model for a small farm, rough or muddy terrain, or pushing snow. It also has a seven gallon fuel tank, four-wheel drive with differential traction, and a steel bed. Various accessories can be added to turn it into a small truck, such as a snow blade, winch, dump bed, windshield, or doors. It is available in yellow, red, and green.

Volunteer 4×4 EFI

With a 31 hp 747 cc Kohler Aegis V-twin engine, the 4×4 EFI is the ideal model for clearing wooded property or going on a hunting trip. Delivering a maximum speed of 35 mph, it has rack and pinion steering, a seven gallon fuel tank, and a 1,000 pound steel cargo box. Available in yellow, red, green, or camouflage, it comes with a one year limited residential warranty. Various accessories can also be added to increase its efficiency, such as a gun boot, fog lights, or hard roof.

Volunteer 4×4 D

With a 29.1 hp 854 cc Yanmar 3 cylinder diesel engine, the 4×4 D is the ideal model for small farms. Because it is a diesel, it is more reliable and uses less fuel than other machines. It has a seven gallon fuel tank and the potential to put in more hours of work than a tractor. It also has a one year limited residential warranty.


With more than 40 accessories, owners can turn their Cub Cadet Volunteer into anything they need it to be. With accessories for snow removal and/or salt spreading, bed lifts, hood racks, or heating kits, the Volunteer can serve as a hunting vehicle, mini-truck, or mini-tractor. The best thing is that accessories do not have to be added immediately; they can be added over time when different needs arise.

If you are looking for a way to add fuel economy and versatility to your existing equipment line, the Cub Cadet Volunteer utility is exactly what you need. With over 40 accessories and four different models, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for to improve your lawn or property maintenance.

OEM Parts

As with all heavy duty machinery, from time to time, your Cub Cadet will need to be repaired. OEM parts are recommended for all Cub Cadet Volunteers. OEM parts ensure compatability and quality is guaranteed. To find OEM parts for your Cub Cadet Volunteer, use the Cub Cadet parts lookup. The online parts lookup tool enables you to locate the part easily, select shipping and payment options – and your replacement part is on it’s way.

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