Cub Cadet Z-Force S Riders – A 4 Season Beast

The Cub Cadet Z-Force S Rider is equipped with a 46 to 60-inch wide mowing deck and an aerospace engineered cutting system that is guaranteed to give you a professional cut. It delivers 20 to 24 hp and four-wheel steering with steering wheel control, making steep and rough terrain a simple task. With the S Rider, you will easily get a better looking lawn.

The Cub Cadet Z-Force S Riders can be much more than a lawnmower – using some of the attachments available, it can be morphed into a landscaping machine for all seasons!

Use one or more of the following attachments designed for the Z-Force S Riders, to utilize your machine to it’s maximum. This lawnmower can mow the lawn, vacuum up the leaves and debris, spread fertilizer and tow it all away. Designed for all seasons, the Z-Force S-Rider is worth it’s weight in gold.

  • Z-Force S Light Kit: Headlights to improve your vision. Yard maintenance doesn’t stop when the winter months set in – get it done and let these headlights illuminate your way home.
  • 10 Cubic Foot Utility Cart: Steel cart with 1000 pound capacity, making it perfect to carry anything from leaves in the fall to heavy firewood in the winter.
  • 12 Cubic Foot Utility Cart: Steel cart with 750 pound capacity, enabling the cart to carry more heavy debris when clearing up the yard. For anyone with a larger yard, this cart is invaluable! Its 16″ wheels are capable of gliding over tree debris in the fall or snow in the winter.
  • 13 Cubic Foot Poly Cart: Molded cart with 800 pound towing capacity and tailgate makes unloading and dumping tree limbs or leaves easier and faster.
  • Broadcast Spreader (175-ATV): With a 175 pound capacity, it is capable of spreading fertilizer up to 12 feet, ideal for spring and summer use, when you want your lawn to flourish.
  • 44″ New Sweeper:With a 25 cubic foot capacity bag, this lawn sweeper can cut and sweep simultaneously with ease, reducing your time spent in the yard and freeing up your hot summer days or getting back indoors on the cold winter afternoons.
  • Hard Top Mow-N-Vac:With a 26-bushel and 32 cubic foot capacity, this tool skillfully cleans up leaves and debris whilst bagging grass and creating compost for landscaping. Ideal for spring and fall. Truly a multi-tasking king!
  • 17 Cubic Foot Heavy Duty Utility Cart: Steel cart with a 1,200 pound capacity and 16″ tires with steel rims, ideal for hauling and removing debris on any type of the terrain. This accessory is also perfect for carrying anything from leaves in the fall to heavy firewood in the winter. Its sturdy wheels are also perfect for gliding over tree debris in the fall or snow in the winter.

Cub Cadet Z-Force Parts:

Once in a while, your Cub Cadet Z -Force S Rider will need to have a part replaced. Cub Cadet recommends OEM parts only. These parts are designed to be compatible with Cub Cadet machines. Quality and durability are assured.

Ordering online is easy using the online parts lookup tool. Select the model and part number, quantity, shipping option and pay for your part. Repairing your lawnmower has never been this easy.

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