Assembly and Operation of the Power-Lok Drive Unit

Powered by Cub Cadet’s new CORE motor, the Power-Lok Drive Unit offers the power of a small two-stroke with the convenience of rechargeable equipment. That technology along with the brand’s unique attachment system is extremely easy to use, but it’s different enough from previous systems that there are some new things to learn to get the most out of it.


Always wear eye protection that meets current ANSI Z87.1 or CAN/CAS Z94.3 safety standards. The motor is quiet enough that ear protection isn’t necessary when using this device, but protection should still be used when operating in noisy locations.

The attachments available for the drive unit can propel lawn debris at high velocities. When operating this equipment, make sure you’re protected by wearing gloves, non-slip safety boots, pants and a long sleeve shirt to help deflect these projectiles.

Maintaining the Power Cell

The lithium-ion power cell does not have a “memory.” That means there’s no reason to fully discharge it occasionally to maintain battery life. Instead, Cub Cadet recommends recharging the cell whenever it’s not in use. Even with constant charging and discharging, the battery should only lose about 2% of its capacity per month if properly stored.

The power cell should be kept in an area that will not experience temperatures over 105°F (40°C.) In other words, don’t keep it in tool boxes, metal buildings or sheds exposed to the elements.

Inserting and Removing the Power Cell

Turn the cell so that the “Top” label is facing upward and the arrow next to it is pointed toward the back of the drive unit. Slide in the cell until the locking latch clicks. Gently pull the cell away from the unit to ensure it’s properly seated and locked into place.

To remove the cell, hold down the locking latch so it’s tilted toward the cell and slide the cell out of the drive unit.

Connecting an Attachment to the Drive Unit

The power cell should always be removed from the back of the drive unit before connecting an attachment to prevent an accidental start.

  1. Pull the locking lever outward.
  2. Turn the accessory so that the key on the shaft lines up with the groove in the locking collar. This groove is located at the top of the collar.
  3. Slide the attachment into the collar until the installation mark on the shaft meets up with the end of the collar.
  4. Push the locking lever back against the collar.

Using Attachments

More information on specific attachments can be found in their user manuals. All attachments are activated by pushing the throttle control lever, but this lever is only active if two conditions are met:

  • The power control button, located behind the collar, must be switched to “On.”
  • The Lock-Off button, located on the bottom of the handle behind the throttle control lever, must be pushed in.

Getting Parts for the Power-Lok Drive Unit

When you need parts and accessories for the new CORE-powered Power-Lok Drive Unit, go to We aren’t just an online parts warehouse, we’re a certified Cub Cadet dealer with factory-trained parts staff ready to help you find the parts you need. We have factory parts diagrams built into our search system so you can compare the part you’re ordering directly with the part you need to replace, and we can ship that part to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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