Using Your Power-Lok Attachments

Cub Cadet’s CORE Power Unit combines the strength of a small two-stroke engine with the convenience of a rechargeable battery. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of the unit’s Power-Lok attachments, including the blower, string trimmer and hedge trimmer.


When operating the CORE drive unit with any attachment, always wear non-slip gloves, non-slip safety boots, and clothing that covers your arms and legs. Keep your eyes protected with safety glasses that meet the latest ANSI Z87.1 or CAN/CSA – Z94.3 standards.

Hooking Up Attachments

1. Remove the battery from the power unit to prevent accidental starts.
2. Pull the locking lever outward from the locking collar.
3. Align the groove on the end of the attachment shaft with the slot in the collar. If the drive unit is sitting upright, both the slot and groove should be pointed straight up.
4. Slide the attachment into the power unit until the installation mark is even with the end of the collar.
5. Push the locking lever back toward the collar.
6. Put the battery back in the power unit.

Activating Attachments

1. Turn the power switch on top of the handle to “Boost” for maximum power or “Eco” for maximum run time. Eco mode is sufficient for most jobs.
2. Push in the lock-off button, located on the end of the throttle control trigger.
3. Pull the throttle control trigger.

Using the Blower

The nozzle needs to be attached to the air tube. Slide the slots in the nozzle over the keys on the air tube, then twist the nozzle counter-clockwise to lock it in place.

Eco mode should be used for moving grass and light leaves, and Boost for wet leaves and matted grass.

Using the String Trimmer

The handle position can be adjusted by loosening the four Torx screws on top of the handle, sliding it along the pole, and retightening the screws. The handle should always be kept below the safety label.

When cutting with the trimmer, only the tip of the line should be cutting for maximum performance.

To trim around objects, position the bump head at an angle about three inches (8 cm) above the ground. For mowing, keep the head level and sweep back and forth, cutting the grass in small increments. To edge, hold the trimmer so that you can position the head at a 90-degree angle.

To eject more line from the trimmer head, bump the head against the ground while the trimmer is running.

The bump head can hold up to 16 feet of line. To reload:

1. Remove the battery from the power unit.
2. Twist the head until the arrows on top align with the line eyelets.
3. Thread the line through one eyelet and push it through until it comes out of the other eyelet.
4. Pull the line through until there’s an equal length coming out of each eyelet.
5. Turn the knob clockwise, pulling lightly on the line after every 6-8 clicks. When just 6 inches of line are extending from the head, check the length of the lines and trim the longer one to make them equal.
6. Reinstall the battery.

If the line breaks, the head is dirty, or there’s line tangled up inside the head, the head will need to be opened:

1. Remove the battery from the power unit.
2. Press in the two tabs on the sides of the head.
3. Twist the bump knob clockwise. It should separate from the rest of the head. Take care not to lose the spring under the knob.
4. Once the head has been cleaned and detangled, put the spring back in and snap the knob back into place.
5. Reinstall the battery.

Using the Hedge Trimmer

The battery should be removed and the blade guard should always be fitted to the trimmer when it isn’t being used. To put the guard on the trimmer, slide it over the blades with the slot facing up. It should come just to the base of the trimmer head, covering all of the blades.

To carry the hedge trimmer, hold onto the forward assist handle so that the blades are pointed backward. To hold the trimmer during operation, one hand should be on the main handle, and the other on the assist handle.

To trim vertically, start from the bottom and swing upward in an arc. To cut the top of a hedge, move the trimmer back and forth so that the blades on both sides are used. If the blades are kept at a 0-10 degree angle, this motion will help sweep cuttings off of the hedge.

Where to Buy Cub Cadet CORE Parts

Whether you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can get the parts you need for your CORE power unit and Power-Lok attachments from We’re a certified dealer for Cub Cadet, carrying OEM replacements for everything from trimmer line to replacement chargers.

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