Assembly and Setup Guide for a Cub Cadet CS2210 Chipper Shredder

Cub Cadet 210 Chipper ShredderJust got a Cub Cadet CS2210 chipper shredder? Here’s what you need to do to get it ready for landscaping work.

Safety Precautions

This is a device that can smash and cut pieces of wood into small bits, and it can easily do the same to body parts. That same power means this chipper can turn debris into high speed projectiles when used improperly.

As with any device with an internal combustion engine, this chipper shredder in should not be used in an enclosed area. Buildup of exhaust gases could result in carbon monoxide poisoning.

Keep bystanders, pets and children at least 75 feet away from this machine while it is operating. Stop the engine immediately if anyone enters the area.

Before starting the engine, inspect the area for rocks, trash or other objects that could mistakenly be dropped into the chipper shredder. Do not try to unclog the intake or discharge opening, remove the collection bag or repair the chipper unless the engine is off and all moving parts have come to a complete stop. When unclogging debris, use a stick or pole to push them around; never put any part of your body inside the hopper or chute.

When using the CS2210, wear sturdy work shoes and avoid loose-fitting clothing, jewelry which can become caught in the machine. Always wear safety glasses or goggles when using or repairing this chipper shredder.

Chipper Chute

Can’t figure out how to move the chute? The user manual covers both the CS2210 and CS3310. Unlike the CS3310, the chute on the CS2210 is fixed in place and ready to be used straight out of the box.

Attaching the Bag

Pull the opening of the bag around the chute deflector and over the wing knobs. The impeller housing should be completely covered. Pull the draw strap until the bag is tight around the opening.

Attaching and Using the Tow Bar

To attach the tow bar, remove the spring pin and clevis pin from the end of the receiver, located below the front of the engine. Insert the tow bar into the receiver, slide the clevis pin through the receiver and bar, then reinstall the spring pin. Once the tow bar has been installed, the CS2210 can be hitched to a tractor or lawn mower using the clevis pin and spring pin on the other end of the bar. Remember to unhitch the shredder and tilt it upright before use.

Oil and Fuel

The CS2210 is shipped without fuel or oil inside the engine. Do not attempt to start the engine until both have been added. Also, check the engine manual: the instructions below are for the current Cub Cadet 208cc engine, but running improvements and powerplant changes may alter how and where fluids are added to your model.

Add the oil provided with the CS2210: This is a special formula designed to help the engine during its break-in period. The oil filler cap is bright yellow, located directly below the cylinder. The oil level should come up to the edge of the opening. The engine holds 20 oz. (0.625 quarts) of oil. The first oil change should be performed after 5 operating hours. Future oil changes can be done every 50 hours.

The engine’s fuel tank holds 48 oz. (1.5 quarts.) This motor is designed to run on standard automotive unleaded containing up to 10% ethanol (E10.) The fuel tank is located on top of the engine, directly above the starter handle. Wipe away and spilled fuel and let any remaining residue evaporate before starting the engine.

Where to buy Cub Cadet Chipper Shredder Parts

No matter what you need for your CS 2210 chipper shredder, you can get it from Need help? They have complete parts diagrams online and an experienced parts staff on hand to answer your questions.

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