How to Operate a Cub Cadet CS2210 Chipper Shredder

Cub Cadet 210 Chipper ShredderThe Cub Cadet CS 2210 can turn branches and other yard wastes into mulch with ease, but only if used properly. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of this chipper shredder.

Using the CS 2210 Safely

Proper safety practices are important with this device since it can slice through appendages just as easily as it slices through wood. Likewise, all those fast spinning blades and flails inside this chipper shredder can also turn debris into fast-moving projectiles.

When using the CS 2210, wear safety glasses and sturdy work shoes to protect against debris. Loose-fitting clothing and jewelry should be avoided as they can become caught in the machine.

Never start the engine in an enclosed area: the exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide which can built up, poisoning anyone nearby.

Keep pets children and other bystanders at least 75 feet away from this machine while it is operating. If someone enters the area, stop the engine immediately. Remove any nearby trash, rocks and other small items that could get mixed in with yard waste before starting the motor. Never run the engine without the bag fitted to catch exiting mulch.

Turn the engine off and let all moving parts come to a stop before removing the collection bag, unclogging the chipper, or performing any sort of repair. Never reach into the chute or hopper: if something inside needs to be moved, use a stick or other long object.

Using starting fluid in this engine can cause serious burns. If the engine refuses to start, have it looked at by a dealer.

Starting the Engine

The following instructions are for the current Cub Cadet 208cc engine. Running changes may alter the startup procedure: refer to the engine manual included with your chipper shredder.

1. Set the throttle to “Fast.”
2. Set the choke to “Full.”
3. If the engine is cold, press the primer bulb three times, holding for a full second each time. If the engine is warm, skip this step: priming the cylinder may cause the engine to flood.
4. Pull the start handle gently until you feel resistance, then pull hard. If the engine doesn’t start after three pulls, check the controls and re-prime the engine.
5. Once the engine is running, set the choke to “Half.” When the engine is running smoothly, set the choke to “Open.” If the engine falters, move the choke back to “Full” and repeat this step.

To stop the engine, set the throttle to “Stop.” Before storing the chipper shredder, set the choke to “Full.”


Yard debris and branches up to 1/2 inch in diameter and 24 inches in length can be placed in the hopper for shredding. Avoid putting fibrous plants like tomato vines in the hopper unless they are dried out: fresh vines will wrap themselves around the impeller.

Never overload the hopper. Let the shredder completely process the contents of the hopper before adding more yard debris.

Clearing the Hopper

If the hopper becomes clogged, grab the handle with both hand and gently shake the chipper to loosen the debris so that they fall into the impeller.

If that doesn’t work, stop the engine and allow any moving parts to come to a complete stop. Use your hands to remove any debris near the top of the hopper and a branch or broomstick to dislodge debris near the impeller. Once clear, start the engine again.


The CS 2210 can handle branches up to two inches in diameter. Feeding larger branches into the chipper can damage the impeller, flails and blades. If the chipper is having trouble handling branches under the size limit, the chipper blades may be dull and should be replaced.

Keep a firm grip on the branch with both hands as you feed it into the chipper chute.

Never feed more than one branch into the chute at a time, even if their combined width is well under two inches.

Never feed anything other than wood into the chute.

When feeding in large branches, pushing the branch into the chute in pulses will keep the engine from bogging down and stalling.

Emptying the Bag

Shut the engine off before attempting to remove the bag.

Squeeze the locking buckle to release the bag’s draw strap. Once the strap is loose, slide the bag opening off of the chute deflector and around the wing knobs.

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