BB230 Blower – Maintenance Tips

Cub Cadet BB230 Leaf Blower

The Cub Cadet BB230 is a simple device, but it still needs some care to maintain reliability. Here’s what you need to know to keep your blower up and running.

Maintenance Schedule

There are only two items that need to be taken care of regularly: the air filter should be cleaned every 10 hours of operation, and the spark plug should be checked every 25 hours.

Cleaning the Air Filter

1. Open the air filter cover, located just above the gas tank, by pushing in the tab on the right side and swinging the cover to the left. Pull out the filter underneath.
2. Wash the filter in detergent and water. Rinse and allow the filter do dry completely.
3. Soak the filter in SAE 30 oil, then squeeze out any excess.
4. Reinstall the filter.

Adjusting Idle Speed

The idle speed adjustment screw is located between the air filter cover and engine cover.

1. Start the engine and let it run at high idle for one minute.
2. Move the cruise control lever to “SLOW.” If the engine stops, turn the idle adjustment screw 1/8th of a turn clockwise. If the engine is running too fast, turn the screw 1/8th of a turn counter-clockwise. Repeat until the engine has a steady idle.

Checking the Spark Plug

1. Let the engine cool completely.
2. Pull the plug wire off the plug.
3. Remove the plug with a 5/8 inch spark plug socket.  The plug gap should be 0.025 in (0.635 mm.) Replace the plug if it is damaged or the electrodes are worn.4. Replace the plug and wire, torquing the plug to 110-120 in-lbs. (12.3-13.5 N m.)

4. Replace the plug and wire, torquing the plug to 110-120 in-lbs. (12.3-13.5 N m.)


Wipe off the exterior using a small brush. Don’t use strong detergents or cleaners containing aromatic oils like pine or lemon or solvents as these can damage the plastic.


Let the blower cool completely before storing. It should be kept in a dry, well-ventilated area to prevent rust and build up of gasoline fumes.


Engine Won’t Start, Idle, or Accelerate

– Replace stale fuel (older than 30 days) with fresh fuel.
– Slowly press the primer bulb 10 times to ensure gas is reaching the carburetor.
– Replace or clean the spark plug
– Replace or clean the air filter.
– Adjust the idle speed screw.

Loss of Power or Stalling

– Replace stale fuel with fresh, properly mixed fuel.
– Check the spark plug for fouling

Where to buy Cub Cadet Blower parts

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