Cub Cadet Pressure Washer Storage and Troubleshooting Guide

Cub Cadet Pressure Washer

Thanks to their own high-quality engines and pumps from industry leader Simpson, Cub Cadet’s pressure washers can provide years of reliable service. However, even the best equipment will have problems from time to time. This guide will help you properly store your pressure washer to prevent pump damage and solve common problems that arise from normal use.

Off-Season Storage

1. Drain the high-pressure hose and wrap it onto the hose wrap.
2. Drain the spray gun and wand by holding the gun vertically with the nozzle pointing down and squeezing the trigger. Store the gun in the holder on the unit.
3. Wrap and secure the detergent siphon hose.
4. Check the engine manual for instructions on preparing it for storage. Since there are constant running changes made to Cub Cadet’s engines to improve performance, this is the best place to find up-to-date information.

Store the pressure washer in a clean, dry area, away from corrosive materials like solvents and fertilizer to protect the hoses, fittings and pump. If the area isn’t well ventilated, give the washer’s metal parts a thin coating of silicone or oil to prevent rust.

Simpson recommends using Powerwasher Pump Guard or an equivalent to protect the pump on if it will be stored for more than 30 days. This will protect the pump’s internal seals. Other treatments may be corrosive or contain alcohol, which will damage the pump. Pump Guard should be added after the hoses have been disconnected.

1. Unscrew the valve and seal from the bottle, then reattach the valve.
2. Attach the bottle to the water inlet of the pump and give the bottle a squeeze.
3. With the ignition set to “OFF,” simultaneously pull the recoil starter while squeezing the bottle, repeating until the protector fluid starts coming out of the pump outlet. It may take two people to perform this last step.


Engine Won’t Start

– Make sure there is fuel in the tank.
– If the recoil starter is hard to move after a couple tools, squeeze the gun trigger to relieve any built up pressure.
– Make sure the choke is closed.
– Check that the spark plug wire is connected.
– Check the engine manual for other problems that would prevent starting.

Little or no pressure when first used

– On models with the Dial-N-Wash (CC3425 and CC4033) make sure the adjuster is set to the widest mark.
– Check that the water supply is flowing at a rate of at least 5 GPM and 20 PSI.
– Inspect the high-pressure hose fitting for leaks.
– Clean the water filter screen to improve flow.
– Check for air from the inlet hose. Turn off both the engine and the water source. Disconnect the source hose from the pump, turn the water back on, and let the water run until a steady stream is coming out. Reattach the hose and start up the engine.
– Open the choke once the engine has warmed up.
– Check the length of the high-pressure hose. Cub Cadet pressure washers can only pressurize hoses under 100 feet (30 meters.)

Little or No Pressure After Normal Use

– Wear to the seal, valves or unloader piston could cause the pump to lose pressure. Have the washer serviced by a dealer.

Won’t Draw Cleaning Chemicals

– Make sure the black low pressure tip is attached to the gun. On Dial-A-Wash models, make sure the wand is set to low pressure (narrowest bar.)
– Check and clean the chemical filter.
– Make sure the end of the siphon hose is fully submerged in the cleaning solution.
– Dilute the cleaning solution until it is the same consistency as water to ensure it will be siphoned.
– Check the length of the high pressure hose. The pressure washer can only pressurize hoses under 100 feet (30 meters.)
– Build up in the chemical injector is preventing the chemical from reaching the gun. Have the washer serviced by a dealer.

Water Leaking at the Pump

– Tighten any loose connections. If this doesn’t work, the pump has internal damage and should be serviced by a professional.

Pump pulsates

– Clean the nozzle.

Oil leaking from pump

– Check and tighten the drain plug.
– Check the drain and fill o-rings for wear. Replace as needed.
– Check the oil. If the pump is overfilled, drain the oil until it’s at the correct level. If the wrong oil was used, drain and refill with the correct oil.
– Check the vent plug for clogging. Clean it by removing it and blowing compressed air through the hole. If this keeps happening, check the engine manual for other possible solutions.
– Check the air filter and replace it if it has become saturated with oil.

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