BV 228 Handheld Leaf Blower from Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet Leaf BlowerA leaf blower is an essential tool in any homeowner’s landscaping arsenal, with powerful features that make it easy to rid the lawn of storm debris, fall foliage, and even litter. There are many models to choose from, with two-cycle and four-cycle engines, battery power, and even corded operation. Cub Cadet covers each of these modes of operation well, and offers its BV 228 model to homeowners who are looking for a simple and straightforward leaf blower with a traditional engine. The equipment features a two-cycle engine and plenty of wind power, making it a great tool for outdoor cleanup all year long. With a Cub Cadet engine and a bit of extra fine-tuning, this model is also easy to start, use and maintain no matter the conditions it handles outside the home.

Equipment Specifications: A Quick Look Under the Hood

Leaf blowers must blend power with operator comfort, and that’s certainly the case with Cub Cadet’s BV 228 handheld mode. This leaf blower ships with a finely tuned Cub Cadet engine that the company touts as powerful, efficient, and quite a bit quieter than engines from competing companies. The 27cc Cub Cadet PRO is designed to reduce noise and vibrations while increasing wind speed, which with this model maxes out at 150 miles per hour. The engine uses a two-cycle design, which means proper mixture of fuel and oil is absolutely essential when using, refueling, or storing this equipment throughout the year.

Cub Cadet gives this leaf blower a 125-hour rating, making it extremely durable and long lasting. In addition to its impressive wind speed, Cub Cadet has worked to crank up the actual wind volume with this handheld model. The company lists a maximum air volume rating of 450 cfm, which will certainly help to push debris out of the way and make it easy to dispose of foliage and twigs from a central location. The blower is a “single function” model, with no added vacuum capabilities or other add-ons, but performs its sole task capably thanks to its Cub Cadet PRO engine crankshaft.

Impressive Features Make the BV 228 Leaf Blower a Safe Bet

Raw specifications are a great way to analyze the power and performance of a leaf blower, but they represent only one part of the picture. Another key thing to consider is the feature list offered by a given model. With the Cub Cadet BF 228 handheld model, included features make this leaf blower easier and more comfortable to us during the longest tasks. First and foremost, the equipment can be optionally paired with a Power Start system, which uses a drill to start the engine in place of a traditional starter grip. This is a perfect feature for those homeowners who find it tough to start the engine using only their own strength.

Adjustments to the leaf blower’s speed and performance can be made using a few simple controls located near the handle. The handle itself is also a feature of this model, thanks to its use of rubberized materials that reduce vibration transmission to the operator’s hand and arm. The combination of a durable, rubberized handle, and a trigger system for unleashing the blower’s wind power, make this a particularly ergonomic choice for homeowners that don’t want to risk injury, fatigue, or the problems associated with repetitive stress.

Get the Right Accessories for Long-Term Maintenance and More

Accessories are few are far between for the BV 228 handheld leaf blower, and the ones that are available tend to focus on maintenance and proper fuel composition. Cub Cadet offers a STABIL fuel stabilizer blend for its leaf blowers, which is designed to help keep fuel fresh during storage. Stabilizer is a key additive for two-cycle engines as well, since it helps the mixture ignite more easily when starting the equipment with a cold engine. Fuel test swabs are also available for the leaf blower. These swabs can detect fuel quality issues and help homeowners troubleshoot problems that might occur with the leaf blower due to dirty or stale fuel. Has a Great Selection of Leaf Blowers, Parts, and More

The benefits of a capable leaf blower have long made it a required piece of equipment for homeowners. Thanks to Cub Cadet’s efficient and powerful BV 228 handheld model, it’s never been easier to start up the equipment, head to trouble spots around the home, and take care of them in just a few moments. Whether homeowners are looking to secure a new BV 228 leaf blower, trying to find parts and accessories for their existing equipment, or are simply in search of professional service and repairs, has what they need. With a full selection of leaf blowers and accessories, and a parts search tool that makes replacement and repair easier than ever, is a great resource for long-term leaf blower use and maintenance.

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