LS 25 Cub Cadet Log Splitter

Cub Cadet Log Splitter 25Considered the entry-level model for homeowners, and a lightweight model for commercial equipment buyers, the Cub Cadet LS 26 log splitter is a great choice for those customers who have wooded areas to maintain, firewood to prepare, or other lawn renovation activities that can benefit from the powerful engine, impressive amount of force, and versatile modes of operation that are offered by this lightweight, yet high-powered, Cub Cadet option. The LS 25 represents Cub Cadet’s most affordable and approachable splitter currently on the market, and offers intuitive controls and adjustments that will help even new buyers understand how to adjust pressure, horizontal or vertical configuration, and more. When deciding between the LS 25 and its nearest competitors, there are a few things to keep in mind about its features and under-the-hood specifications.

Get Splitting with the Cub Cadet LS 25’s Impressive List of Features

The LS 25 log splitter was specifically designed with entry-level buyers in mind, especially in residential environments. To that end, the equipment comes with a pretty substantial list of features that are designed to make splitting easier, safer, and a bit less fatiguing from start to finish. Key to this commitment are the rather large wheels and tires that can be found on the LS 25. These tires have several functions: They support the equipment during operation, they make transit easier when the log splitter must be towed between jobs, and they also absorb engine vibrations to help isolate their effect on both the equipment and the operator. It’s this kind of thoughtful design that has so effectively won over many homeowners and residential buyers.

The LS 25 also comes with the ability to split logs using both horizontal and vertical methods of operation. Using an included lever, equipment owners can simply tilt the equipment back into horizontal mode, or adjust it until it’s standing upright. The mode of operation only affects how the splitter works through logs, but does not affect its capacity for rather large logs, high pressure, and quick splitting. Where space is tight, vertical operation is a natural choice. Where space is less limited, and helping hands are harder to find, horizontal use simply makes more sense.

The log splitter is designed to resist the forces of physics while it slices through logs, thanks to its cast iron and cast steel material composition. These two materials work together to help the log splitter resist bending, warping, or denting, even as many tons of pressure is applied to each log. These materials also help the log splitter stay in great shape during a variety of weather conditions, resisting corrosion or other problems that might occur with competing models.

Engine Specs and More: How the LS 25 Gets the Job Done

While higher-powered log splitters use Cub Cadet’s own engines, the lighter weight and entry-level nature of this model for residential customers means that the company has opted instead to use a powerful Honda engine. Included with every LS 25 log splitter is the 160cc Honda OHC engine. Designed to be smaller in footprint, lighter in weight, and more efficient in us, the Honda engine allows this model to be less fatiguing, a bit quieter, and still efficient enough to split logs for many hours without requiring refueling.

Of course, that extended period between refueling interruptions is also enhanced by the three-gallon fuel tank standard with this model and its larger counterpart, the LS 27 splitter. In combination with a 9.5GPM hydro pump, the LS 25 splitter uses up to 25 tons of ram force to work its way through logs and get the job done. Polymer fenders and coil wrapped hoses add durability and peace of mind to the mix during this process.

LS 25 Accessories Improve Maintenance and Peace of Mind

Accessories are few and far between for most log splitters, and that’s true of the LS 25 as well. Cub Cadet does offer fuel test swabs and fuel stabilizer for this model, as well as a full lineup of OEM replacement parts that are especially useful during seasonal maintenance or recommended maintenance intervals as suggested in the LS 25 instruction manual. is a Central Resource for OEM Parts and New Log Splitters

Log splitters are an excellent addition to the tool shed for many homeowners and commercial customers, and the LS 25 is an impressive entry-level splitter for both groups. Whether it’s to buy a new Cub Cadet log splitter or simply to find OEM replacement parts used for regular maintenance all year long, has what owners are looking for. The site’s online parts lookup tool makes it easy to find replacements for certain engine models, part numbers, and model numbers, while the full lineup of Cub Cadet equipment options makes comparison and purchasing relatively easy for both commercial and residential customers.

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