BV 428 Blower

BV 428 Blower

If you want a hassle-free handheld blower, it’s hard to beat Cub Cadet’s BV 428. Hate dealing with two-strokes, but need plenty of power? This blower uses a lightweight four-stroke engine that out-powers electric blowers. Want to pick up leaves and debris? The BV 428 includes everything you need to turn it into a vacuum. Find using a blower tiring and uncomfortable? The handle and throttle design reduce hand fatigue.


The blower uses Cub Cadet’s own 25 cc PRO engine. Unlike most engines found in handheld blowers, the PRO is a four stroke. That means it’s quieter, easier to start and has a wider torque band so it won’t bog down when letting up on the throttle. It also keeps the oiling system separate from the fuel. You can use regular gasoline in the fuel tank, and the crankcase just needs a couple ounces of fresh SAE 20 oil after every 40 hours of use.

The 428 can move up to 450 cubic feet of air per minute at a maximum speed of 150 mph, putting it well ahead of any rechargeable blower on the market.


Four-stroke engines usually come with a weight penalty, but this blower tips the scales at just 13 lbs or about four pounds more than an equivalent two-stroke. The end of the crankshaft is keyed for a Power Start bit, letting you use a drill to spin the crankshaft instead of relying on the starter handle.

The handle has a variable throttle trigger, letting you use full power when cleaning large areas and low power when gathering leaves into piles for disposal. Gripping the throttle can lead to hand fatigue, so Cub Cadet added cruise control. It uses a thumb throttle lever to fine tune the blower speed and retracts the throttle trigger when in use for a more comfortable grip.


The BV 428 can be converted into a vacuum for light cleanup of leaves and paper. The impeller that moves the air through the blower has sharp edges that chop up this debris, compacting it as much as 10 to 1 to store more in the bag and save on waste disposal.

Everything needed to make the switch from blowing to vacuuming is included with the blower. By unclipping the impeller shield, the vacuum tube can be fitted over the intake, while the blower tube is replaced by the opening for a bag with a built-in shoulder harness. Thanks to a long connecting tube, you can have the bag over one shoulder while the other arm holds the blower, balancing the weight on your body.

Maintenance and Storage

The only tool needed to take apart the blower for maintenance or switch between blowing and vacuuming is a flathead screwdriver. Both the blower and vacuum tubes are constructed as two interlocking pieces, making the blower more compact when you put it in storage.


The entire blower is covered by Cub Cadet for three years of residential use.

Get the Parts You Need for Your Cub Cadet Blower

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