CB 2800 and CB 2900 Wheeled Leaf Blowers

CB 2800 and CB 2900 Wheeled Leaf BlowersFeel like your leaf blower is falling behind the rest of your lawn equipment? Cub Cadet’s CB 2800 and CB 2900 are high power wheeled blowers that deliver several times the power of a backpack unit, making them a great choice for homeowners who need to get a lot of ground covered quickly.

Performance with Flexibility

At the front of the blower, a 17 x 5.25-inch fan with 6 vanes drawing air past a metal shield and into the blower housing. Shutters on the intake allow airflow to be controlled to fit the job at hand, while the nozzle has a 15-degree pitch control for aiming the airflow. At a low angle and full power, the jet of air leaving the nozzle can push leaves and debris off the ground, while using a higher angle and partially closed vanes makes it easy to gather a pile for collection. When rolling past fences and buildings, a steep angle helps bounce debris off of the surface and out into the open for easy cleanup. The nozzle can also rotate across a 180 degree arc for cleaning out corners without having to move the blower back and forth in tight areas.

Like any leaf blower, this unit is noisy: rated at 100 dB at the operator’s position, its use should be limited to daytime hours, but faster cleanup speeds ensure you’re less likely to get complaints from the neighbors. This blower should have no problem clearing 1,600 square feet in under three minutes.


Cub Cadet uses a 14 hp 429 cc Kohler CH440 Command Pro in both the CB 2800 and CB 2900. This motor is a single cylinder design with overhead valves and a cast iron cylinder liner. These features are par for the course when it comes to commercial engines, but what makes the Command Pro perfect for this application is its air cleaner.

Kohler’s Quad-Clean filtration system uses a metal screen, a cyclonic intake, a foam prefilter and a paper filter to protect the inside of the motor from the dust kicked up by the blower. By breaking up filtration into stages, maintenance is also reduced: most of the particles are separated mechanically by the air stream, while the foam element can be cleaned multiple times before needing to be replaced.

The mount can hold the filter in two positions. Under normal operation, the filter inlet is pointed away from the motor to draw cool air for lower operating temperatures. When temperatures dip, it can be flipped around to aim the inlet toward the motor. This brings in air that has been pre-heated by the engine block and head, making it easier for the engine to run in cold fall temperatures.

Electric start comes standard on both blowers, and with a 1.85-gallon gas tank on board, fuel refills are infrequent.

CB 2800 vs CB 2900

Overall, the CB 2800 and CB 2900 use the same basic design, but the 2900 adds some useful features for control and ease of use.

The CB 2800 can pump 2,700 cubic feet of air through the nozzle each minute at speeds up to 180 mph for fast cleanup. The blower shutters are controlled by an adjustment knob at the front of the blower housing.

The CB 2900 trades volume for speed, pumping air at a rate of 2,300 cfm at speeds up to 200 mph, making it better for handling heavy debris like wet leaves. Air speed can be controlled from the handle during operation, and it also has a self-propulsion system.


Cub Cadet covers these blowers for three years of residential use, while Kohler covers the engine for two years of residential use or 90 days of commercial or rental use.

Getting Parts for Cub Cadet’s Wheeled Leaf Blowers

Cubparts.com is a certified dealer for both Cub Cadet and Kohler, so we can supply you with everything you need for your CB Series wheeled leaf blower. Our site makes finding parts simple thanks to integrated factory parts diagrams and descriptions, and we can ship your order to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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