SC 500 EQ: The Quiet Mower


In recent years, mower manufacturers have switched from concentrating on raw power to making their products easier to use. Cub Cadet has led the way with innovations including their MySpeed propulsion control system and Sure Start guarantee. Now with their new SC 500 EQ, they’re addressing an issue few other manufacturers touch: noise.

A Quieter Engine

Sound is a major problem for small engines across the board, annoying neighbors and causing damage to operators who aren’t using hearing protection. To combat this, Cub Cadet developed SmartSound technology. While lawnmower engines are usually designed to run at a specific RPM to output maximum power, SmartSound engines are built to operate at two speeds. In low speed “quiet” mode, the engine can deliver enough power for most conditions, but since there are fewer combustion cycles, it runs quieter. At times when maximum power is needed, the engine can be set to a high speed “boost” mode. Together with a redesigned intake and exhaust, this system significantly reduces engine noise.

Cub Cadet first introduced this technology on their snowblowers a couple years ago, reducing noise by 45%. Thanks to improvements in the new 159 cc OHV QUIET engine used in the SC 500 EQ, noise has been reduced by 60%.

Top Level Performance without Compromise

The SC 500 EQ isn’t just quiet, it has all the performance and usability expected from a top-of-the-line walk behind mower.

The EQ is based on the HW design which uses large diameter back wheels for more stability. All four wheels ride on ball bearings, and the front wheels are mounted on lockable casters, letting them swivel for easy turning or stay aligned with the back wheels for hill stability.

The deck can be set to 6 height positions ranging from 1.25-3.75 inches using a pair of levers that move the front and rear wheels as a pair. Clippings can be sent through the side discharge, mulched back into the soil, or collected using a 1.9-bushel bagging system. The mulch plug is integrated into the deck, so switching between side discharge and mulching modes is just a matter of removing or installing the discharge chute. The deck also has the same SmartJet washing system found on Cub Cadet’s riding mowers: hook up a garden hose, and the water is pushed through jets that clean out the deck without needing to tip the mower on its side.

The self-propulsion system is controlled by Cub Cadet’s MySpeed system. The top of the handle has a set of joints connected to the drive. When you push on the handle, it swings forward and activates the drive system. If the mower starts to get ahead of you, the handle angle changes and slows or stops the drive system. This keeps the mower rolling with you, automatically slowing down on hills and rough terrain and speeding up again when you’re on flat ground. This design still accommodates a folding handle, making the mower easy to store and transport.

The engine also retains the automatic choke of the standard engine found in Cub Cadet’s self-propelled mowers, and it’s still backed by their Sure Start Guarantee. That means the company will cover repairs if the mower refuses to start on the first or second pull during the first 3 years of ownership. An electric starter is available as an option.

Getting Parts for the SC 500 EQ

Getting parts for maintenance and repair of this mower is simple: just visit We’re a certified Cub Cadet dealer, so we’re able to offer OEM parts ranging from blades and spark plugs to major components, and we can ship them across the U.S. and Canada. Not quite sure what you need? Our site has built-in factory parts diagrams and descriptions so you can quickly identify the right parts for your equipment.

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