CSV 070 Chipper Shredder Vacuum

CSV 070 Chipper Shredder VacuumThe CSV 070 may be small, but it manages to combine a chipper/shredder and vacuum into a compact unit. If you can use a walk-behind mower, you can use this chipper/shredder to bag leaves and dispose of small branches without having to rake or cut wood by hand. The resulting mulch is more compact for lower disposal costs and can be used as fertilizer.

Vacuuming and Shredding Lawn Debris

The CSV 070 is designed primarily to vacuum up lawn debris, turning them into fine mulch. It does this by using a 24-inch wide vacuum nozzle that hovers above the ground, picking up loose material. Debris is pulled in by a 13.5 inch cast aluminum impeller and then pushed through two sets of cast steel flails, breaking down leaves and lawn debris at a ratio of 8:1, increasing the amount of material that can be stored on-board while reducing the number of bags needed to collect the waste. Even if you throw out the mulch, it can still save a lot of money on disposal.

When you need to get in hard-to-reach areas like bushes and landscape features, the suction from the impeller can be switched from the nozzle to a 7-foot vacuum hose by moving a lever on the base of the unit.

Turning Small Branches into Wood Chips

As you clean up your lawn, you can feed branches up to 1.5 inches in diameter into the chipper chute next to the motor. A hardened steel blade chops up the wood and sends it into the bag along with the rest of the debris.

Disposing of Yard Waste

The felt-lined, dustless bag mounted on the rear of this vacuum holds up to two bushels. The bag is designed so only the bottom is unhooked to dump material in place or be fully removed so the contents can be dumped into trash cans and mulch piles.

As Easy to Use as a Walk-Behind Mower

At first glance, the CSV 070 may look like a mower with a couple of attachments, which shouldn’t be a surprise since it borrows heavily from the company’s walk-behind models. This starts with the engine, a 159 cc unit built by Cub Cadet for their small outdoor equipment. All of its features carry over, so starting and maintenance are easy. Underneath the deck-like housing, the engine shaft directly powers the impeller, flails, and blades directly, so there’s no belt to change. The semi-pneumatic tires come from the company’s self-propelled mowers as well as their ball bearing-supported mounts. Combined with a weight of just 95 lbs, the 070 is surprisingly easy to push.


Cub Cadet guarantees the entire vacuum including the engine for 3 years of residential use.

Getting Parts for the Cub Cadet CSV 070

Cubparts.com isn’t just an online warehouse, we’re a certified Cub Cadet dealer, letting us offer genuine factory parts for everything from classic tractors to modern residential lawn care equipment like the CSV 070 lawn vacuum. Our site has integrated factory parts diagrams and descriptions so you can be sure you’re ordering exactly what you need. We ship across the United States and Canada.

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