LS 33 CC Log Splitter


Do you need to split a lot of big logs quickly? Cub Cadet’s LS 33 CC may be a residential model, but this log splitter delivers the power and performance you would normally expect from a large commercial splitter. Its cylinder is powerful enough to cut through hardwoods, its cycle time is short, and it comes with features that are normally optional in this market.

Powerful Enough for Anything

The LS 33 is powered by a 277 cc engine that is designed and built by Cub Cadet. It has the same easy starting, durability, and longevity as their other engines, and, since this motor is used in their snow blowers, particular attention was paid to cold weather starts. There’s no choke, throttle or priming bulb: just pull the starter cord, and the log splitter is ready to use.

The engine drives a 15 GPM pump fed by a 5-gallon hydraulic oil reservoir. The hydraulic system is filled at the factory, saving money on fluid and time setting up the splitter. The hoses connecting the pump to the cylinder are wrapped in a steel coil to prevent damage while remaining flexible.

Together, the engine and pump can exert 33 U.S. tons of pressure. That’s enough to go through the hardest woods at any diameter and shape, including crotches on hickory and dogwood.

Fast and Flexible

The cycle time for this model is just 15 seconds, putting it in line with kinetic splitters, and it has an auto return system so you can get your next log in position while the wedge moves back into the cylinder.

The bed is designed to handle logs up to 25 inches long. To make it easier to maneuver large logs into place, the splitter can be flipped up to work vertically.

Logs are split using a cast iron wedge that can be sharpened as the point wears down, while the cast steel foot plate and robotic welds throughout the frame ensure reliable cutting performance through years of service. A log dislodger and log trays are included straight from the factory, so there’s no chance of dropping freshly split logs or having to hammer them off of the wedge.

Ready to Tow

The LS 33 CC is mounted on a trailer with a 2-inch tow hitch and 16 x 4.8-inch D.O.T. approved transport wheels. The fenders are made out of diamond plate to resist damage from falling logs. Total weight of the equipment and trailer is 615 lbs.


Cub Cadet guarantees the entire log splitter including the engine for 3 years of residential use.


If you need parts for the LS 33 CC, its engine or anything else from Cub Cadet, visit We’re a certified Cub Cadet dealer, letting us provide a full range of OEM parts and accessories for equipment ranging from mowers to clean up tools like this log splitter. Not quite sure what you need? Our site can show you parts based on your model and has integrated parts diagrams so you can see exactly where a part fits on your machine. We ship across the U.S. and Canada.

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