Cub Cadet 1X, 2X, and 3X Snowblowers: What’s the Difference?

Cub Cadet 1x SnowblowerChoosing the right snowblower is no easy task for the average homeowner, especially those homeowners who are entirely new to snowblower lingo and the various models available from today’s largest manufacturers. Though difficult, choosing the best snowblower is certainly not impossible. Consumers facing a major decision, like the one that exists when choosing between Cub Cadet’s 1X, 2X, and 3X snowblowers, will find that their decision is a bit easier to make once they have a basic understanding of how each model works. Before committing to any of the company’s leading snowblower models for residential use, consider the major similarities and differences that characterize each option.

A Universal Commitment to Powerful Snow Clearing for Homeowners

No matter the model number or snowblower type, all of Cub Cadet’s options are committed to the perfect combination of compact size, impressive power, and the ability to clean up after a major winter storm. All three of the company’s snowblower models work perfectly on smooth surfaces, and all three options are suitable for medium-sized driveways and most residential walkways.

Cub Cadet’s 1X, 2X, and 3X snowblowers offer superior performance to homeowners largely because they’re equipped with custom designed engines made by Cub Cadet in the company’s own factories. Each OHV engine found in the company’s snowblowers offers just the right amount of power and performance without being a drain on fuel and other resources, ensuring that snowblowers stand the test of time without excessive maintenance or repair costs. With features like electric starters and extensive operator controls, getting the snowblower running is easier with these models than with virtually any other competing option currently on the market. Even so, there are some key differences that clarify which model is best suited for each home and its surrounding areas.

The 1X Snowblower: A Great Entry-Level Option for Less Snowy Climates

Though it shares numerous features with Cub Cadet’s other snowblowers, including its engine type and compact size, the 1X snowblower has a few unique features that clarify where its ideal uses lie. First and foremost, it’s worth noting that this snowblower is the smallest in size and lowest in overall power among all snowblowers currently sold by Cub Cadet. Though consumers are used to thinking of lower power as a drawback, it’s actually an asset in this case.

The Cub Cadet 1X is designed for ideal snow clearing in about 6 inches of snow, for narrower walkways and shorter driveways. The company estimates that its relative size, level of power, and fuel tank, are ideally suited for a driveway that can hold between 6 and 8 vehicles at any given time. Its narrower width, at just 21 inches, is perfect for narrower residential walkways or small paths that lead up to a home’s front door. Its maximum clearing height of 13 inches still allows it to be useful during a major winter storm in more moderate climates, however.

The 2X Snowblower is Perfect for Moderately Snowy Environments

While the 1X is a perfect snowblower for areas that experience deep snowfall only a few times a year, the Cub Cadet 2X lineup of snowblowers is more ideally suited to the southernmost reaches of New England and the northernmost Mid-Atlantic states. The 2X is also a particularly good snowblower for those residential customers who have longer, wider driveways, and sidewalks that measure wider than the 1X snowblower’s 21-inch clearing width. Two-stage snowblower operation allows for more effective removal and discharge of snow without clogs or maintenance issues.

The 1X expands its clearing width to 24 inches and modifies its intake height to a full 21 inches. To make using this substantially larger piece of equipment a bit easier, the company affords it a larger overall engine as well as features like power steering. To handle both smooth and gravel surfaces, the snowblower comes with self-propulsion and deluxe skid shoes. An in-dash headlight allows the snowblower to get the job done even after a nighttime snowfall, while larger tires give it a great deal more traction and versatility in deeper snow accumulations. Overall, this is the best snowblower for the largest number of customers where winter is long, cold, and characterized by frequent winter storms.

Unsurpassed Power: The Cub Cadet 3X Takes Snow Clearing to a New Level

Though the Cub Cadet 2X might be the best piece of equipment for virtually all customers where snow is frequent and occasionally quite deep, the Cub Cadet 3X series is a new option that might be even more useful. For those customers that live in the “Snow Belt” near the Great Lakes, or those who find themselves in the northern reaches of New England, this snowblower is likely the best option. That’s because it gives buyers a wider snow clearing width and an appropriate intake height of between 21 and 23 inches. It also brings three-stage snow clearing to the table, making it even more impervious to clogs and jams from deep snow or thick ice.

Cub Cadet recommends this snowblower for areas where snowfall regularly tops 12 inches during any storm, and estimates that it can clear driveways where more than 15 cars can comfortably be parked. Its wider width of up to 30 inches also makes it perfect for city sidewalks or even smaller commercial parking areas.

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