How to Maintain a Cub Cadet 1X Series Snowblower

Cub Cadet LHPRegular snowblower maintenance is the key to ensuring that a Cub Cadet 1X snowblower lasts as long as possible. From new Cub Cadet parts to fluid checks and cleaning, here’s what snowblower owners need to know in order to extend the life of their equipment as long as possible.

Safety Information for 1X Series Owners

Maintenance is important to snowblower longevity, but safety is equally important to the longevity of the operator. Before getting started with maintenance, ensure that the engine has been allowed to cool off after recent operation. Also make sure that the fuel valve is off and that the equipment is being worked on in either an outdoor area or a well-ventilated indoor space. The equipment should be placed on a flat and level surface as well, in order to prevent issues of balance and fuel spillage.

Key Adjustments for Long-Term Durability

One of the best ways to extend a snowblower’s useful life is to make small adjustments on an ongoing basis that reduce wear and tear on the equipment when it’s both in use and in storage. For those who are new to the 1X series, here’s what to know about the most important adjustments

1. The Shave Plate

A shave plate, along with the wheels and paddles of the equipment, should always touch the surface prior to and during snow clearing. If this is not the case, adjustment will be required. To adjust the shave plate, run the snowblower until it is completely out of fuel. Next, tip the snowblower backward until it’s resting on the operator handle. Loosen the lock nuts that keep the shave plate in place and adjust it as needed. Secure the lock nuts and return the snowblower to its upright position.

2. The Control Cable

The control cable will stretch over time, and adjustment is often necessary to ensure proper tension. To make this adjustment, simply disconnect the control cable from the bottom hole of the auger control handle and reinsert it into the top hole on the same handle.

Necessary Maintenance for Great Snowblower Performance

In addition to occasional snowblower adjustments, regular maintenance will ensure efficient operation and a longer equipment life overall. There are several key things to check and be aware of when performing ongoing maintenance on a Cub Cadet 1X series snowblower.

1. Storage Concerns

Storing the snowblower requires a bit of preventive maintenance to ensure that the equipment remains in top shape even during extended periods of non-use. Prior to storage, the equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated. Lubrication should focus on all pivot points found on the snowblower. A light lubricant can optionally be applied to the surface of the equipment to guard against corrosion. When these steps are finished, store the snowblower in a controlled, dry area.

2. Engine Concerns

The snowblower’s maintenance schedule contains key information about the engine’s oil change requirements and procedures. Aside from these key parts of the maintenance schedule, spark plug service will occasionally be needed. To access both the spark plug and the oil drain plug, remove the three screws holding the snowblower’s lower panel in place. Remove the panel and then access the areas needed to maintain fluids and spark plug integrity.

3. Service Routines for the 1X Series

More serious types of maintenance include the replacement of key parts throughout the winter season. When such a replacement is necessary, equipment owners should follow the instructions listed here for the belt, auger paddles, and shave plate.

4. Replacing the Belt

Run the equipment until it’s out of fuel, then rest the equipment on its handles and slide a board through the auger to prevent unwanted movement. Remove the belt cover and then remove the flange nut that holds the auger pulley to the auger shaft. Next, remove the auger pulley and then remove the belt itself. Replace the belt and follow these steps in reverse to reassemble the snowblower.

5. Replacing the Auger Paddles

To remove existing auger paddles, simply remove the hex washer screws that hold them in place. Place the removed paddles in a safe area, and then install the new ones into the equipment. Secure the new paddles with the aforementioned hex washer nuts and resume using the snowblower.

6. Replacing the Shave Plate

On an empty fuel tank, tip the snowblower back and remove the four carriage screws that secure the existing shave plate to the equipment. Install the new shave plate and secure it with those same carriage screws. Place the equipment upright and judge whether or not the new shave plate will require adjustment to meet the ground. If so, follow the recommended adjustment instructions mentioned earlier.

For Maintenance Help and OEM Parts, Visit

The keys to great maintenance are diligence and OEM parts. For the superior performance and compatibility of OEM Cub Cadet parts that work perfectly with 1X snowblowers, equipment owners should visit and use the site’s online parts lookup tool.

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