Cub Cadet 1X Series Snowblowers

Cub Cadet 1x SnowblowerFor those customers currently in the market for a snowblower, the numerous terms used to identify each piece of equipment can certainly be confusing. Perhaps the most common terminology involves the number of “stages” used by the equipment when clearing snow. The most common models chosen by consumers in today’s marketplace or single-stage and dual-stage models. The single stage models, often branded as 1X snowblowers, use a single auger to both clear and discharge snow. This can be useful in areas that typically receive lighter accumulations.

Dual-stage snowblowers work a bit differently. Instead of using a single auger to manage both tasks, these models use one auger for snow intake and another impeller for discharge. These snowblowers are therefore more suited to areas with deeper snow accumulations on average, as well as those areas that receive heavier and wetter snow that must be broken up before it turns into an ice jam. A three-stage, or 3X model, has one auger used for guiding snow into the equipment, a second used for breaking up ice and denser snow, and a third for discharging the precipitation. This system is ideal for the heart of America’s snow belt, and similar areas with major winter storms that occur with some frequency.

The Cub Cadet 1X Series Snowblowers: Features for Today’s Homeowners

The Cub Cadet 1X series is a perfect match for those homeowners in Mid-Atlantic or southern areas where significant snowfall accumulations are a rather rare event. With its single auger and impeller, the snowblower will glide through even moderate accumulations without much difficulty at all. Several features actually enhance the power of this snowblower and make it a really great fit for first-time buyers and those in areas where snow is an infrequent nuisance. Among the equipment’s most impressive features:

1. Push-Button Electric Starting Mechanism

Any homeowner familiar with the quirks and difficulties of starting a lawn mower will appreciate this snowblower’s push-button electric starter. All Cub Cadet 1X series models can be plugged into the wall before they start the snow clearing task at hand. With the supplied electrical power, customers can push a button and wait for the built-in starter to rev and ignite the engine. The snowblower can then be disconnected from the wall outlet, since it will continue running and use the built-in fuel supply to get the job done.

2. Self-Propelled Snow Clearing

If there’s one thing that makes cleaning up after a winter storm particularly challenging in some cases, it’s the overall weight and thickness of the snow. This weight makes shoveling a challenge, and it can even make using a snowblower rather difficult without a self-propelled drive system. Luckily, the Cub Cadet 1X series comes with just such a system. When engaged, the self-propulsion system allows the equipment to perform the “heavy lifting” of passing through even moderate accumulations. Operators will still have to steer, and they’ll likely need to add a bit of their own force behind the equipment, but this feature makes the entire task far less taxing overall.

3. Remote Control of the Discharge Chute

Because it’s best to clear snow with the direction of the wind, and to pile snow only in areas that don’t reduce street visibility, easy control of the discharge chute is a must. That’s why the Cub Cadet 1X snowblower series comes with remote chute control that allows the operator to turn snow in any direction needed. In addition to being quite convenient, remote control of the discharge chute in this case is highly intuitive. The system uses a joystick for easy control, making it easy for even the newest snowblower owners to alter their clearing path and piling plan.

4. Tall and Wide Clearing Opportunities

Though the single-stage snowblower is designed for areas where snowfall is generally lighter and a bit more rare than in the Snow Belt, the equipment is certainly not lacking in power or size. The 1X series from Cub Cadet comes with a 21-inch clearing width and a 13-inch height. That allows the equipment to easily handle up to a foot of snow, creating wide paths that will minimize the homeowner’s time outdoors in severe winter cold.

Accessories Make Maintenance Easier for 1X Snowblower Owners

Cub Cadet’s focus on the total snowblower experience extends to an exclusive lineup of accessories and maintenance products. The company offers a number of key options to equipment owners, including its own brand of fuel stabilizer. Equipment owners will also enjoy the company’s snowblower cover, floor mats, and other products that make proactive maintenance a bit easier overall.

For New Equipment, OEM Parts and More, Visit

Customers looking to make their winter just a bit easier will find everything they need at From new snowblowers in the 1X series to all of the OEM parts needed for seasonal maintenance and the occasional repair, the website offers owners the total solution to a more convenient, hassle-free winter season.

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