Cub Cadet 1X 221 HP Review

Cub Cadet 1x HPWhen it comes to handling light to moderate snow accumulations, homeowners have perhaps no better option than Cub Cadet’s 1X 221 HP model snowblower. The equipment uses single-stage operation, in combination with a wide clearing width and tall height, to handle up to a foot of snow throughout the coldest months of the year. Light and compact, the snowblower is designed to easily fit into storage in most garages and toolsheds, right alongside lawn mower and other small equipment options, all without causing too many headaches. With a number of convenient features and powerful specifications to back them up, homeowners in search for a powerful but compact way to tackle winter weather have likely found a winner.

The Specs: How Cub Cadet’s 1X 22 HP Snowblower Gets the Job Done

Single-stage snowblowers are generally considered the entry-level option for homeowners who have a relatively small amount of land to cover or live in areas where particularly deep snow accumulations are either rare or historically unprecedented. With that said, the Cub Cadet 1X 221 HP is capable of handling pretty significant winter storms without the aid of a dual-stage setup. The equipment is 21 inches wide, which puts it on par with even some of the two-stage models sold by Cub Cadet to customers in snowier areas. With an intake height of 13 inches, the equipment can easily take care of accumulations up to a foot deep.

The equipment’s ability to handle significant winter accumulations is driven not only by its large width and tall height, but also by the significant amount of power under the hood. Cub Cadet has paired the model with its own four-cycle OHV engine, rated at 179cc of displacement. While the power of the engine is notable, those on the market for a powerful snowblower should keep something else in mind: The Cub Cadet model is one of the few single-stage models to come with a four-cycle engine. Many of the company’s closet competitors use a two-cycle engine, which puts out less power and requires a fuel-oil mix in order to operate properly. All told, that means easier maintenance, more efficient work, and a great deal more power overall.

Great Features for Effective Work All Winter Long

In addition to the raw specifications that make this particular model a powerhouse for most homeowners, the 1X 221 HP comes with several key features that make it much easier to use than the competition. Chief among these features is the electric starter mechanism, which allows equipment owners to plug the snowblower into a wall outlet and start the engine simply by pressing a button. Considering how difficult it is to start an engine in cold weather with only the power of a starter grip, this feature may be a selling point for those who wish to save time when getting started outdoors.

Another great way to save time while getting the job done is the 1X series’ self-propelled operation. Unlike many competing single-stage models, the Cub Cadet 1X 221 HP guides itself along the snowblower path with a slower, self-propelled pace. This makes it easier to clear even the deepest accumulations from the driveway and walkways around the home, which further enhance the snowblower’s impression as a powerhouse for the entry-level customer.

Finally, Cub Cadet has equipped its 1X series of snowblowers with remote discharge chute control that is absolutely invaluable when tackling winter’s messes. As most homeowners should be aware, the key to efficient snow clearing is to discharge snow in the direction of the wind. With the included joystick that controls the discharge chute, operators can change where the snow is getting piled in a matter of seconds. With a smartly planned discharge area on either side of the equipment, the home will maintain visibility of the street and the ability to fully utilize cleared spaces quite a bit easier than it would with competing models.

Accessories Keep the 1X Series Snowblower in Great Condition

Cub Cadet is focused centrally on extending the life of its equipment through the right combination of thoughtful design, first-rate parts, and excellent accessories. For those who have recently added a 1X 221 HP snowblower to their winter arsenal, the company offers OEM snowblower covers and floor mats, a proprietary fuel stabilizer mix that works miracles while the equipment is in storage, and a set of 2-in-1 fuel test swabs that will come in handy throughout the winter. With the quality of Cub Cadet backing these products, they’re sure to be more durable and compatible than other options available to equipment owners.

Visit for More on 1X Snowblowers, OEM Parts, and Accessories

For the best combination of Cub Cadet expertise, service, and OEM parts, equipment owners should head to With an online parts lookup tool and years of experience, the site is a great resource for those looking to keep their snowblower in excellent condition for many years to come.

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