Cub Cadet 2X 526 SWE, 528 SWE, and 530 SWE Snowblower Comparison Guide

Cub Cadet 526 SWEWhen it comes to both power and ease of use, few two-stage snowblowers can compete with the products offered by Cub Cadet. The company’s dedication to refinement of the user experience is apparent in things like the push-button electric start, trigger-controlled power steering, and a number of other key features that simply make it easier to get the job done in less time. For those considering the SWE series of two-stage snowblowers, it’s worth considering three of the most popular models. Each of these models offers different levels of power, and different overall size, for easier snow clearing in a variety of outdoor areas. From smaller lawns to truly large stretches of sidewalk and driveway, each model has a number of strengths.

Similarities Between Each of Cub Cadet’s 2X SWE Models

Each of Cub Cadet’s 2X SWE models offers an identical set of core features, each designed to make it a bit easier to get rid of deeper snow accumulations throughout the coldest months of the year. Perhaps the best feature for homeowners is the push-button electric starter that can be found in each of the three most popular models. This feature replaces the traditional starter grip with an electric system, linking the starter mechanism to the wall outlet for effortless work. Once plugged in, a press of the button will get things going and then the starter can be disconnected from the wall outlet. It’s a far superior system than trying to master a snowblower’s starter grip on the coldest winter days.

Another key feature shared by all three snowblowers is the trigger-operated power steering system. Paired with self-propulsion across the board, this system allows the snowblower to be more easily turned around corners or turned around entirely. By being able to more easily move around obstacles, and avoid potential clogs, it’s quite a bit easier to get the job done without pausing to replace shear pins, remove rocks and ice jams, and perform otherwise avoidable maintenance tasks.

All three snowblowers come with Cub Cadet’s unique X-TRAC treads, offering superior traction in an environment that would otherwise be quite dangerous. These treads are bolstered by a unique skid shoe technology called “COOL BLUE” by Cub Cadet. These skid shoes are specifically designed to eliminate the risk of pavement marking and rust stains when snow is cleared. The result is smoother, longer-lasting pavement and skid shoes that stand the test of time. Durability of the skid shoes is further enhanced by their fully reversible design.

All three snowblowers are designed to endure even the longest snow clearing jobs, with a 5-quart fuel tank that can ensure extended operations without interruption for refueling. When paired with the 12-inch impeller and the 12-inch auger, this lineup of snowblowers means business and gets the job done effectively every time.

Major Differences for Those Considering a 2X SWE Snowblower

For every similarity between these three powerful snowblowers, differences do abound. Each model is significantly different in terms of its weight, snow clearing width, and even the engine that powers the snowblower from start to finish. At the smaller end of the spectrum, Cub Cadet’s 2X 526 SWE snowblower measures 26 inches wide and is paired with an intake height of 21 inches. Great for clearing even the deepest accumulations, this option comes with a four-cycle Cub Cadet OHV engine rated at 277cc of displacement. This model weighs in at 264 pounds.

The mid-range 2X 528 SWE model can handle even larger outdoor areas quickly, thanks to its wider, 28-inch clearing width. Like its 26-inch counterpart, this snowblower offers a 21-inch intake height that is capable of dealing with significant snow accumulations. The 28-inch model comes with a 277cc engine built by Cub Cadet, which uses four-cycle operation and OHV engineering. Its weight is slightly heavier, at 270 pounds.

For those consumers who need a high-end snowblower capable of handling even larger outdoor areas in just one or two passes, the 2X 530 SWE snowblower is definitely the right choice. This two-stage model comes with a 30-inch intake width, and pairs it with the same 21-inch height. That makes it perfect for larger walkways, longer driveways, and even smaller parking lots that need to be cleared immediately after a storm. Its engine is quite a bit more powerful, rated at 257cc of displacement. The 30-inch model comes in at 279 pounds, making it the heaviest of the three. Has Great Resources for New Snowblowers and OEM Parts

Cub Cadet’s durable snowblowers require diligent maintenance in order to either prevent or address common issues. When OEM replacement parts are required to get the job done, can help. The company’s parts lookup tool, and its selection of replacements for virtually all Cub Cadet snowblowers, makes it a valuable resource when keeping the equipment in great condition throughout the winter.

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