Cub Cadet 2X 524 WE vs. 524 SWE Snowblower

Cub Cadet 2X 524 WECub Cadet 524 SWEIn the quest for the right Cub Cadet snowblower, consumers are presented with options that range from relatively compact to quite large, moderately powerful to unmatched performance. The Cub Cadet 2X 524 lineup of snowblowers is a happy medium between both extremes: Both the 524 WE and 524 SWE models are moderately sized, able to handle most standard walkways and even larger driveways. Their weight is still light, relatively speaking, but their engine power is driven up by a finely tuned Cub Cadet OHV engine. Both snowblowers represent a middle-of-the-road snow clearing solution that blends modest size with great power, excellent intake, and capable width. Their differences are largely in terms of steering and operator control, making each model suitable for a different type of buyer.

Cub Cadet’s 2X 524 Series Snowblowers: The Similarities

For the most part, both of the company’s 2X 524 snowblower options are exactly aligned in terms of features and specifications. Both models come with a 4-cycle Cub Cadet OHV engine, capable of producing up to 208cc of displacement. That engine means both snowblowers can easily handle deeper accumulations and, with optional accessories, they can even tackle major snowdrifts after a particularly challenging blizzard has passed through the area.

Both snowblowers come with a total width of 24 inches and an intake height measuring an impressive 21 inches. They each feature a 5 x 15-inch tire configuration, making them highly durable in even the most treacherous conditions. A 12-inch impeller and auger makes it easy for both models to handle wet snow and even compacted ice accumulations in most settings, easing the difficulty of cleaning up after a late-season storm when rising temperatures tend to make cleanup a much harder task.

Perhaps the best feature shared between these two models is the implementation of Cub Cadet’s proprietary “COOL BLUE” skid shoe system. Unlike skid shoes found on virtually all competing models, this system is rust-resistant and it’s designed to leave driveways and sidewalks free of traditional marking and defects caused by lesser snowblower skid shoes. The system is also fully reversible, enhancing both its utility and its durability. The skid shoes are enhanced by the presence of another Cub Cadet technology, known as the X-TRAC tread system. Combined, these systems decrease damage to the landscape while making the snowblower less slippery and easier to control.

Both systems come with a 2-quart fuel tank, which is appropriately sized for a snowblower of this width and weight. The added amount of fuel storage means that most homeowners will not have to refuel in the middle of a particularly taxing job, even in larger outdoor areas. That adds not only an element of greater convenience, but one of greater safety as well. Both snowblowers come standard with a snow clearing device used to remove clogs from the intake chute, and both feature a four-way directional control that can be used to change the direction of any snow removed by the equipment using just one hand during regular operation.

Despite differences in terms of power steering mechanisms, both snowblowers benefit from offering two revers speeds and as many as 6 forward speeds. That means operators can adjust their speed based on snow density, depth, and other factors. More speeds also means that the engine and auger are less likely to suffer from clogs and power level issues, even after bigger storms that drop deeper snowfall totals overall.

Key Differences Between These Two Capable Snowblower Models

While both Cub Cadet 2X 524 series snowblowers have more similarities than differences, the differences are certainly worth noting. Perhaps the single most impactful difference between these models is that the 2X 524 SWE model comes with a trigger-controlled power steering system that makes it far easier to maneuver through challenging landscapes and during particularly deep snow accumulations. This system is found on quite a few higher-end Cub Cadet snowblower models, and it has earned acclaim as one of the best such power steering systems present on any snowblower currently offered to residential customers.

The added power steering mechanism does mean that the 2X 524 SWE model is heavier than its counterpart. The equipment comes in at a total weight of 249 pounds, according to Cub Cadet’s specifications. The 2X 524 WE model, without the power steering mechanism, comes in slightly lighter at just 238 pounds.

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