Cub Cadet 3X Series Three-Stage Snowblowers

Cub Cadet 3X SeriesWith winter’s tendency to produce wild and unpredictable weather, from occasional balmy thaws to several feet of snow during major blizzards, today’s homeowners should consider nothing less than the most powerful and capable snowblower on the market. Increasingly, the best choice for winter-wary homeowners looks to be the Cub Cadet 3X series, with three-stage power that is rated at more than twice the performance levels of the average two-stage model on the market. These snowblowers are designed to handle the very worst of what winter has to offer, tackling several feet of even the wettest, densest snow accumulation with relative ease.

Within its lineup of 3X snowblowers, Cub Cadet offers several different options to buyers that come with different intake heights and widths, different engines, and other small differences that can make a difference in certain climates or certain outdoor areas.

The 3X x 26″ Model

Sold as Cub Cadet’s entry-level 3X offering, the 26″ model derives its name from its clearing width, which appropriately stretches 26 inches across. The snowblower’s intake height reaches a full 21 inches, making this model capable of handling almost two feet of snow. Even in the snowiest parts of the country, that’s a pretty rare snow accumulation to endure, so this particular model can be expected to handle virtually all of winter’s biggest storms.

The 26″ model comes with electric push-button start, which is a feature shared with all models sold as part of the 3X lineup. That makes it easy to get the equipment going even on a very cold morning, which can be challenge for those with gas-powered snowblowers and no option for electric starters.
The 3X x 26″ HD Model

The primary difference between the 26″ model and its 26″ HD counterpart is the intake height of each model. While the non-HD option comes with a 21-inch intake height that’s perfect for most snow events, the 26″ HD comes with a slightly bigger 23-inch intake chute height that can handle just a bit of extra snow. While the two-inch difference might sound underwhelming, it’s worth noting that those two inches can be the difference between effectively clearing snow or simply being stranded indoors for a few extra days.

Both models feature a 357cc OHV four-cycle engine, and both the HD and non-HD models come with 6 forward speeds and two reverse speeds that can help homeowners get the job done at a pace that they’re comfortable with. Power steering is also found on both models, making them easy to maneuver no matter how deep the snow gets.

The 3X x 28″ Model

While 26 inches is plenty of clearing width for smaller driveways and average home walkways, it just doesn’t do the job for larger areas, small businesses, and more demanding buyers. Cub Cadet recognizes this and, in response, has developed the larger 3X 28″ snowblower for today’s consumers. The equipment pairs the 21-inch intake height of the 26″ HD and non-HD models with a wide, 28-inch intake width that can make easy work of wide sidewalks, longer and wider driveways, and a variety of other, more challenging areas around the home.

As with all 3X models, power steering is included and the engine power rating is substantial. The 3X x 28″ model comes with the same 357cc four-stage OHV engine found in the 26-inch models, and pairs it with electric start. Six forward speeds and the use of two reverse speeds will keep operators in full, easy control during even the largest storms of the winter season.

The 3X x 30″ HD Model

Three-stage power sometimes needs to go as far as manufacturers can push it, and that’s where the 30″ HD comes in. The equipment is easily the largest and most powerful snowblower sold by Cub Cadet to residential customers and small business owners, with a sweeping, 30-inch intake width and a tall, 23-inch chute height. All told, this snowblower is capable of handling seriously large outdoor areas and some of the deepest snow accumulations of the season. It’s a perfect fit for those buyers who live in the snowiest parts of New England or the Upper Midwest.

The 30″ HD is the only snowblower to feature an upgraded amount of engine power, swapping out the 357cc four-stage OHV engine for one with a substantially higher 420cc power rating. That means the snowblower’s overall larger size and scope will be perfectly backed up by ample power, guided by intuitive power steering and assisted by default inclusion of an electric starter mechanism. Has All the Best 3X Snowblowers and OEM Parts

For the best selection of Cub Cadet’s powerful, three-stage snowblowers, be sure to peruse the 3X lineup at For those who already own one of these powerful models, the the site’s listing of OEM replacement parts will help ensure great, regular maintenance that extends the useful life of the equipment for many years to come.

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