Cub Cadet 3X 26” vs. 3X 28” Three-Stage Snowblowers

Cub Cadet 3X 28Cub Cadet 3X 26Cub Cadet’s 3X lineup of snowblowers, which surges past two-stage models and is easily the most powerful lineup on the market for residential buyers, comes in several different models and sizes. Perhaps the most popular of these are the company’s 26-inch and 28-inch options. Though many of their features are actually identical, each snowblower model does differ in its ability to handle varying accumulations of snow and varying widths when clearing driveways, sidewalks, and other areas around the home.

Before committing to either of these two popular models, it might be worth considering what sets them apart from each other as well as what makes them both a great buy for many winters to come.

Similarities Between These Two Popular Models

It’s safe to say that the 3X x 26″ snowblower and its larger, 3X x 28″ counterpart have more commonalities than differences. These shared features can all be traced to back to the snowblower’s four-cycle OHV engine, which is rated at 357cc. This engine is sufficiently powerful to handle virtually all snow clearing tasks, and is actually paired with all but one of Cub Cadet’s 3X snowblower models. The engine is paired with power steering systems across the board, making it easy to turn the snowblower around sharper corners without putting too much effort into getting the job done.

Both the 26-inch and 28-inch 3X snowblowers come with an electric starter mechanism that eliminates the need to yank tiresome ripcords to turn the equipment on. Instead, buyers can simple press a button and wait for the equipment to turn on. In addition to being a great deal less tiresome and difficult, this system is also perfectly designed to work within the often frigid and intense conditions of the typical winter.

Both of these snowblowers come with the same intake height, able to handle up to 21 inches of fresh accumulation around the home. Thanks to the three-stage nature of both models, homeowners will be able to power the equipment through either light, powdery snow, or the heavier and wetter snow that’s common in during the first few weeks of the season and toward the warmer weather of springtime.

Because these snowblowers pack a great deal more power than single-stage or two-stage models, Cub Cadet put a great deal of time and research into improving ergonomics and operator comfort. This results in overall fewer vibrations being transmitted from the snowblower’s engine to the operator’s body, reducing fatigue during even more time-consuming snow clearing work. The snowblowers are further designed with intuitive controls that are more naturally placed and easier to grip for long periods of time, even during particularly deep accumulations that would cause other snowblowers to stumble and cause a bit of suffering for the overage operator.

The Key Differences Consumers Should Know About

For all of their similarities and shared features, these two snowblowers do differ in at least a few key ways. Perhaps the most significant difference between each snowblower is also the one made most obvious by its name: They come with different clearing widths that will find a home among different types of buyers. The 3X x 26″ snowblower is considered the company’s entry-level product for three-stage snow clearing. To that end, it comes with the narrowest clearing width and the most compact size for easy storage. Even so, 26 inches of snow-clearing width is nothing to scoff at, and the snowblower performs capably even in medium-sized outdoor areas.

Some homeowners simply want to cover more terrain in less time, however, and that’s where the slightly larger 3X x 28″ model comes in quite handy. It features a larger, 28-inch clearing width that will make easier work of wider sidewalks and longer, wider driveways. This also increases the snowblower’s footprint by just a small amount, so buyers will want to make sure that their garage or toolshed can accommodate the 3X x 28″ model’s larger size throughout the year.

Another key difference worth noting is that the 3X x 26″ model comes in a slightly upgraded variety, known as the 3X 26″ HD model. This option is not available for the larger, 28-inch 3X snowblower. The HD model comes with a slightly taller intake height, measuring in at 23 inches, which allows the equipment to be of even greater use during slightly larger snowfall events. With this consideration in mind, some buyers who might otherwise opt for the 28-inch model might instead choose the upgraded 26″ HD instead.

Where to Find Cub Cadet 3X Series Snowblowers and Parts

For the right parts and service to keep winter’s biggest storms at bay, be sure to use as a primary resource. The site offers the full lineup of 3X models, as well as a wide range of OEM parts for 3X snowblowers that will keep them in top condition throughout the winter and even during off-season storage.

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